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12Stone Church Reduces Backup Window by 80% with Veeam and ExaGrid

“One of the great things about using ExaGrid with Veeam is that Hyper-V servers can be spun up in the backup, within a few seconds — that's huge!”

—Steve Gimbert, IT Consultant

7-Eleven Stores Ring Up Better Backups with ExaGrid

“One of the things we wanted out of a disk-based backup system was a 'set it and forget it' type of product. The ExaGrid has more than lived up to our expectations. Each day, we quickly check the ExaGrid to ensure that everything ran smoothly and then doublecheck the amount of available disk space, and that’s it. We're confident in the system and it's taken the hassle out of our backups.”

—Gayle Crouch, IT Director

ABC Companies Opts for ExaGrid over Data Domain for Price, Manageability, and Features

“Effective data deduplication translates into big savings, especially when you consider replication.  ExaGrid’s data deduplication does a fantastic job at reducing our data, and it enabled us to purchase a smaller system, shorten backup times and improve disaster recovery.”

—Matt Horn, Senior Network Administrator

Accura Replaces HPE StoreOnce with ExaGrid, Reduces Restore Times from Months to Minutes

“Unlike other systems, ExaGrid supports all the features Veeam has to offer. I had always wanted to utilize Veeam's SureBackup feature, but until I switched to ExaGrid, I was unable to do so. HPE StoreOnce was just too slow!”

—Kasper Jakobsen, IT Administrator

ACNB Bank Installs ExaGrid System, Runs “Flawlessly”

“Our data growth has been fairly constant, but in our industry, you have to plan for the unforeseen.  We’re confident that the ExaGrid system will be able to expand to handle anything in the future.”

—Stanley Miller, Data Center Administrator

Ahearn & Soper’s Switch to ExaGrid Increases Backup Efficiency 'Tenfold'

“Deduplication has enabled us to retain more data and keep older recovery points - some that go back up to two years - where we could only store a few months' worth when we used a tape system.”

—William Rosenblath, IT Manager and Systems Engineer

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Constructs Cost- Effective, Faster Backup Solution with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid was extremely cost-effective, and when we realized we could recover our investment in a little over a year, it was a no-brainer.”

—Patrick Rehmer, Systems Engineer ALL Erection & Crane Rental

ExaGrid-Veeam Simplifies Backup Environment at All In Credit Union

“There’s just no comparison with our previous solution as far as creating a backup job and then even having to restore from it. Everything we do with our ExaGrid-Veeam solution is such a smooth process.

—Aaron Wade, System Administrator II

Allegro MicroSystems Streamlines Backup Environment with ExaGrid

“We looked at all the solutions out there, and in terms of meeting Allegro’s business objectives and technical requirements as well as being well priced, ExaGrid came out on top.  It’s a product that’s well suited to our company.  Allegro is an innovator in its market space and prefers products that are proven, reliable, and easy to work with.  We’ve found that ExaGrid is just like that; the product is ‘set it and forget it,’ and the company is very accommodating.”

—Gary Gomes, Network Manager

American Railcar Switches to ExaGrid from Tape – Results in 50% Shorter Backup Windows and Cost/Time Savings

“Backing up terabytes of data requires a huge number of tapes, and that's a big outlay of money. Sometimes people might think that they're not going to save money using disk because it costs more, but when you think about it, the cost of tape is pretty expensive, and the benefits of using ExaGrid—the savings from deduplication and the restore speeds—blow tape out of the water.”

—John Bivens, System Administrator

ExaGrid's Scalability Keeps Pace with American Standard's Evolving IT Environment

“The capacity at both our production site and our DR site have doubled, if not tripled, since we first installed ExaGrid, so we have added appliances over the years. Working with ExaGrid's sales and customer support teams is a major reason why we have continued to use ExaGrid for so many years.”

—Ted Green, Lead IT Engineer

American Valve & Hydrant Makes Backups and Restores Faster with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid's data deduplication technology does a fantastic job at compressing our data. I checked our ExaGrid system recently and expected it to be close to full but we had over 70 percent of our disk space available.”

—Henry Sieffers, Assistant Manager, Information Services

ARBES Technologies Reduces Oracle Database Backups from Three Days to Four Hours with ExaGrid

“It used to take 48 hours to restore our databases and ExaGrid has cut that down to 4 hours. We can restore data immediately thanks to ExaGrid's landing zone, which stores the most recent backups in their native form, making it as easy as copying from disk. The landing zone differentiates ExaGrid from other backup solutions. Restores are incredibly fast thanks to this unique feature.”

—Petr Turek, IT Manager

Arch Reinsurance Ltd. Replaces Tape Library, Cuts Backup Window in Half with ExaGrid

“We looked at all the big players including Data Domain, Quantum, and ExaGrid.  It was a long process because we wanted to make sure that we were making the right choice, and we’ve been pleased with our decision.”

—Sheridan Smith, Information Technology Manager

Architectural Nexus Designs Better Backup Strategy with ExaGrid

“We expect our data to grow substantially in the coming months so we needed to be sure that the backup system we chose could grow as our demands grew. ExaGrid's GRID architecture will enable us to easily accommodate more and more data without forklifting the system.

—Kent Hansen, Manager of Information Systems

ExaGrid Provides AEDC with Easy, Reliable Backups

“Working with my ExaGrid support engineer has been awesome; she’s provided excellent customer service!”

—Robin Hefner, IT Systems Analyst

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Strengthens Data Protection for Arpège and Its Customers

“ExaGrid technical support is provided in French, which is quite rare to find in the IT sector!”

—Olivier Orieux, Head of Infrastructure

ASCAP Sings the Praises of Using ExaGrid Over Tape in Collocated Environment

“The entire system is monitored by our ExaGrid support engineer... if a drive fails, he notifies us and sends out another one. We don't have to think about maintenance, and that's critical in a collocated environment.”

—James Lee, Manager of Technical Services

Scalable ExaGrid System Provides Reliable Backup Window as Ascot’s Data Grows

“We don't need to worry about our backups. ExaGrid just works and it's so simple to use, especially compared with other backup products I've used in the past.”

—Lewis Vickery, Infrastructure Engineer

ExaGrid Helps ASGCO Alleviate Backup Pain

“Retention was a serious issue with our old backup infrastructure because we could only keep four weeks of data at a time. Now, with the ExaGrid, we’re able to keep 16 weeks’ retention. ExaGrid’s data deduplication technology is very effective at reducing our data, so it takes up a smaller footprint.”

—Daniel W. Keuler, IT Manager

ExaGrid-Veeam Provide High Efficiency, Lower Cost Global Backup Strategy for AspenTech

“One of the major selling points of using ExaGrid with Veeam is the ability to stand up a VM almost immediately with just a couple of clicks. When I need to do an instant VM restore or create a clone copy, it's amazing how easy it is.”

—Richard Copithorne, Principal Systems Administrator

Associated British Ports Installs ExaGrid, Backup Windows Reduced by 92%

“I'm very happy with the combination of ExaGrid and Veeam. I don't want to use anything else.”

—Andy Haley, Infrastructure Analyst

Credit Union Uses ExaGrid with Veeam for Enhanced Deduplication

“The deduplication with ExaGrid is great, especially when used with Veeam, because we are basically getting double dedupe.”

—Jeremy Stockberger, Information Security Analyst

Attivio Search Results Take Them to ExaGrid for Disk-Based Backup

“I would never dream of replacing ExaGrid. This solution is fantastic.”

—Derek Murphy, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Austin Bank Improves Backup Performance with Switch to ExaGrid System

“Since switching to ExaGrid, we don’t run into issues anymore, and it’s great to use a system that doesn’t require any babysitting. Now, we have more time to focus on other projects.”

—Shane Davenport, Systems Administrator

Law Firm Speeds Backups and Cuts Backup Window by Two-Thirds with ExaGrid

“We compared both solutions and liked ExaGrid’s data deduplication method better than the EMC Data Domain solution.  The ExaGrid system was also more cost-effective.  We were able to stretch our budget dollars further with the ExaGrid.”

—Michael Sauriol, Director of Information Services

BHB Replaces Tape Backup with ExaGrid; Cuts Backup Windows in Half, Restores Data 10x Faster

“Using Veeam and ExaGrid makes it possible to choose certain portions of the data to restore, whereas with tape we sometimes had to restore the entire data subset. ExaGrid restores almost instantly, ten times faster than with tape.”

—Zico Jones, Senior Infrastructure Specialist

Berrien County Reduces Backup Window by 35% with ExaGrid and Veeam

“Our backup is easier to manage, with much less stress. I know that if I need to restore a VM, it's there for me. There's ROI on our time and on our operations.”

—Paul Olmstead, LAN Specialist

Bethune-Cookman University Eliminates Tape, Gains Faster Backups with ExaGrid

“We looked at several different approaches and decided on the ExaGrid system. We were impressed with its data deduplication technology and we liked the fact that it was a simple, straightforward solution. It was also far more costeffective than the other systems we looked at.”

—Hussam Reziqa, Network Administrator

Beyond Nines Reduces Backup Times, Implements Seamless Disaster Recovery with ExaGrid

“We had been burdened with non-scalable solutions in the past, so ExaGrid’s GRID architecture was a big selling point.”

—Glen Kendell, CISSP, President, Hosting and Operations

BI Incorporated Monitors Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“In our testing, we saw a huge performance advantage over tape with the ExaGrid system. ExaGrid's approach to backup is very efficient and it decreased the load on the backup server. This wasn't the case with a competing solution that uses a de-duplication on-the-fly based approach, though efficient, it caused our backup times to increase.”

—Jeff Voss, UNIX Systems Administrator

Binghamton University Designs Better Backup and DR Strategy with ExaGrid – Cuts Restore Times by 90%

“Speed is my favorite part of the ExaGrid solution. Setup is quick and easy, backups and restores are fast, and I get support promptly when I need it.”

—Debbie Cavallucci, Systems Support Analyst

International Commercial Law Firm Bird & Bird Chooses ExaGrid to Deliver Its Backup Systems

“We now have the ability to provide any of our users with a near instant restore. This is satisfying to us in the IT team and really helps us to deliver an excellent service. Our users can be confident that the technology is behind them to deliver world class service to their clients and never waste another billable hour again.”

—Jon Spencer, Infrastructure Manager

Blackfoot Modernizes Infrastructure by Implementing ExaGrid to Simplify Backup Management

“Our previous solution didn’t support Veeam’s synthetic fulls or instant restores, so I decided to look into better options. After doing some research, I learned about ExaGrid and reached out to my reseller to set up some calls. We installed ExaGrid about a year ago, and it changed my life!”

—Mike Hanson, Senior Systems Administrator

Bloomingdale Communications Dials In More Efficient Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system is perfect for a mid-sized enterprise like our business. We looked at other solutions but they all seemed to be more large enterprise focused and were very costly. The ExaGrid fit our needs and was half the cost of the system from a leading competitor.”

—John Schneider, Network Administrator

ExaGrid Reduces Backup Window by 94% and Saves Bluewater Power IT Staff on Time and Storage

“I used to spend all of my time managing backups and since we’ve installed ExaGrid, I spend 75% less time on backup and am able to focus on other projects. Using ExaGrid has eased my mind, because I can count on our backups to be reliable and I know our data can be quickly restored when necessary.”

—Peter Faasse, Senior Technical Analyst

Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) Selects ExaGrid and Veeam

“ExaGrid solves problems on its own, taking the job away from the IT department.”

—Alex Vlekken, IT Engineer

BroMenn Healthcare Eliminates Backup Pain with ExaGrid

“For us, the seamless recovery process is priceless. It's great to implement better technology to save IT time and headaches, but when the value is seen by our endusers, the payback is tenfold. Our users are amazed at how quickly and smoothly we can service their needs for data.”

—Scott Hargus, IT Manager

Brooks Rehabilitation Meets Compliance Requirements with ExaGrid and Veeam

“We're primarily a Veeam and ExaGrid shop with 95% of our environment virtualized, and it just works. ExaGrid has never failed us.”

—Denis Peach, System Engineer 2

Bureau of Reclamation Replaces Quantum with Next-Gen ExaGrid

“I was only able to retain 25 to 30 days with Quantum [..] I'll be able to retain at least a year on the ExaGrid system with a goal of two years by 2018.”

—Eric Fahrenbrook, IT Specialist

C&S Installs ExaGrid to Ensure Data Restoration in the Event of Catastrophic Data Loss

“I would personally highly recommend the ExaGrid to anyone or any organization that is looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use backup solution that will do everything they need it to do and more.”

—James Harter, Senior Network Administrator

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Provides CARB with ‘Rock-Solid’ Backups

“Since switching to ExaGrid, there have been less headaches with our backups. I used to have to be much more involved with backup management, but now that we’re using ExaGrid, we can set it and forget it, which is great.”

—Ali, IT Staff Member

California Department of Veterans Affairs Adds Scalability and Reduces Dependence on Tape via ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“We looked at other solutions, but we chose ExaGrid because of how scalable it is, the way that the grid system works - you just add another node to the grid as your data grows.”

—CDVA Network Engineer

CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network Dramatically Reduces Backup Times with ExaGrid and Veeam

“The ExaGrid gives me peace of mind. I know I have a solution that I can rely on. I set it and forget it and I don’t have to worry about it.”

—Joey Castro, Systems Administrator

Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Eliminates Tape, Reduces Time Spent on Backups with ExaGrid

“Our initial goal was to eliminate tape and the ExaGrid has enabled us to do just that.  Rather than dealing with tape for hours each day, our operators now just handle user requests for file restores.”

—Mike Mandrino, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Capital G Bank Limited Withdraws Existing Tape Backup System in Favor of ExaGrid’s Disk Backup with Deduplication Appliance

“We have more peace of mind now since deploying the ExaGrid system in our primary and offisite locations. Not only have we secured our ability to recover from a disaster but we also eliminated other issues that come with working with tape.”

—Trevon Fubler, Senior Network Analyst

ExaGrid Supports Carglass’ Diverse Backup Environment and Reduces Backup Window 70%

“ExaGrid provides great deduplication across the different data types we back up. We like to retain a month’s worth of our backups to restore from if necessary, and even longer for some types of data, such as accounting software backups. Thanks to the deduplication, we have more space to accommodate the retention.”

—Vincent Dominguez, IT Infrastructure Engineer

Carter Installs ExaGrid, Reduces Backup Window By 88%, Provides Users with 'Robust' Recovery – an IT Manager's Dream

“All of the previous daily annoyances – can't finish a backup, can't read the tape, the drive is full – have dropped off the radar.”

—Bill Durham, Information Systems Manager

Catalina Marketing Gets Rid of Tape and Chooses ExaGrid for Improved Disaster Recovery

“It was taking a week to back up our shared directories, but now we can complete the job in less than ten hours…ExaGrid’s GRID architecture has given us a smooth upgrade path, and has enabled us to quickly and easily grow the system to accommodate more data, along with improving our disaster recovery process worldwide.”

—Ivan Feo, Associate Engineer

Community College Gets Instant VM Recoveries with Veeam and ExaGrid

“The combination of ExaGrid and Veeam is powerful.  We’re now more confident in our ability to properly back up our data, and if disaster strikes, we know we can quickly and easily restore individual files or entire VMs.”

—Paul Watkins, IT Manager

CenterState Bank of Florida Chooses ExaGrid over DD for Price/Performance

“As our backup intake has grown, we’ve been able to easily scale our ExaGrid system while still maintaining our backup windows…We’ve been extremely pleased with the whole experience of owning the ExaGrid system, from performance to support, and highly recommend it.”

—Jamie Orth, Vice President of IT

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Provides CMMC with ‘Huge’ Storage Savings and Enhanced Backup Performance

“A benefit to the ExaGrid-Veeam solution is how much better the backup performance is because of the synthetic backups and because data is backed up right to ExaGrid’s Landing Zone. It takes all the load off our VMs, and our users don’t feel anything.”

—Paul Leclair, Senior Systems Engineer

Central Minnesota Credit Union Banks on ExaGrid for Faster Backups and Restores

“With ExaGrid, we found that we could have our two locations managed by a single interface with error reporting and all the other bells and whistles we were looking for. With Data Domain, we couldn’t manage two locations with one interface.”

—Mike Hinnenkamp, Network Administrator

Century Arms Optimizes Backups and Maximizes Storage with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“Using ExaGrid eases my worries about backup so I can focus my attention on other projects... I'm really sold on the ExaGrid system - I can't imagine using anything else! Beyond the product itself, the customer service is amazing!”

—Keith Simpson, IT Systems Administrator

CFI Medical Solutions Selects ExaGrid Based on Reputation of ‘Absolutely Excellent’ Customer Support

“Our ExaGrid engineer knows us and knows our environment. I just can’t say enough about how valuable that is to us. We now base all of our support contracts with other vendors on the level of support that we receive from ExaGrid. It should be an industry standard.”

—Anthony Vaughn, Systems Administrator

ExaGrid System with Data Encryption Helps Medical Center Adhere to HIPAA Mandate

“We wanted data between sites to be encrypted, and the offsite ExaGrid system will enable us to meet the requirement and eliminate tape.”

—Steve Arnold, System Administrator

Medical Center Replaces Tape with ExaGrid, Reduces Backup Window by 70%

“Once we put the ExaGrid in place, it was like having a chalkboard and wiping it clean with no backup issues anymore.”

—Adam Stahl, Dir. of Information Technology

Restaurant Chain Strengthens Integrity of Backups, Prevents Data Loss Thanks to ExaGrid

“When we can restore data quickly, it saves the company money on downtime. Since our backups are so reliable it also gives me more confidence in the ability to restore our data, because I know ExaGrid delivers a good, clean backup to restore from.”

—Rodney Jones, Senior Systems Engineer

Cheektowaga Central School District Deploys ExaGrid, Speeds Backups, Increases Reliability

“The ExaGrid is incredibly reliable and it performs consistently each and every night. The system is rock solid, and we very rarely experience issues. I probably spend 75 percent less time managing and administering backups.”

—Colleen Eagen, Micro Computer Technical Support Specialist, Erie 1 BOCES

Cheshire Medical Center Uses ExaGrid to Restore Data – and FAST!

“We had a situation where a few of our larger servers had been hit with a virus, so we had to recover the data from our ExaGrid system. The data was completely restored and put into a holding location before we were even able to fix the virus itself — it's one fast system!”

—Scott Tilton, System Administrator

ChildFund Saves 'Significant' Storage Thanks to ExaGrid's Data Deduplication

“Working with ExaGrid support is like going to see a family physician. When you call into some other vendors, it's like going to a walk-in clinic where you see a different doctor each time. With ExaGrid, the support engineers get to know your history like your doctor knows your chart.”

—Nate Layne, Network Administrator

Honolulu Says ‘Aloha’ to Better, Faster Backups with ExaGrid System

“The system is easy to use and manage, upgrades are painless, and it’s backed by some of the best customer support in the industry. We’ve been very happy with the ExaGrid system.”

—Tobin Hirota, Systems Analyst

City of Aurora Replaces Tape with ExaGrid; Reduces Restores from Days to Minutes

“One of the features I love about ExaGrid is its scalability. We will never max out capacity or need a forklift upgrade again, because we can simply add more appliances to the system. Competitors are not able to match that architecture.”

—Danny Santee, Enterprise Systems Supervisor

City Modernizes Backup Infrastructure with ExaGrid System

“We looked at EMC Data Domain and a few other solutions, but the feature that stood out about the ExaGrid was its GRID architecture because it would enable us to seamlessly scale the system as our backup needs increase.”

—Johnna Byers, Director, Management Information Systems

City of Ft. Lauderdale Cuts Backup Times in Half with ExaGrid

“We're amazed at how much our backup times have been reduced and how quickly we're able to restore files. Since installing the ExaGrid, our backup times have been cut in half and we're able to restore some files almost instantaneously.”

—Jay Stacy, Manager, Technical Services

City of Holly Hill, Florida Relies on ExaGrid System for Fastest, Pain-Free Backups

“I’d highly recommend the system. It’s really taken the worry out of our day-to-day backups, and it has the flexibility to grow to meet future demands.”

—Scott Gutauckis, IT Manager

City’s Switch to Scalable Solution Eliminates Outdated Licensing Models and Avoids Forklift Upgrade

“Switching to ExaGrid was a no-brainer because its upgradability just blows away what Data Domain offers.”

—Mike O’Brien, Senior Systems Engineer

Canadian City Increases Data Protection with Reliable ExaGrid-Veeam Backup Solution

“Veeam and ExaGrid have made me much more confident in our data protection, now that I know we can restore our data if we ever have a large-scale outage.”

—Doug Gray, System Administrator - Networks

City of Miami Beach Shores Up Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system has given us the ability to recover and redeploy disk that we had been using for backups, and it has enabled us to get more data off tape and onto disk.  That’s just better for us all around.”

—Chris Hipskind, Senior Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Delivers 84% Backup Window Reduction for City of Oregon

“Now that we're using ExaGrid, I spend almost no time at all on backups. I get an email each day letting me know that my backups ran successfully overnight and that's it – no tape hassles or unexpected hours spent fighting with backups.”

—Caris Rockey-Dykema, IT Manager, City of Oregon, Ohio

City of St. Petersburg, FL Selects ExaGrid/Veeam Backup Solution, Reduces Backup Window by 85%

“ExaGrid is extremely reliable which is what we strive for in backup storage. ExaGrid has made my life so much easier.”

—Rock Mitich, Senior Server Analyst

Clayton State University Fed Up with Prior Backup System Installs Veeam and ExaGrid for the Win – Go Lakers!

“In addition to ExaGrid, we looked at EMC Data Domain [..] Overall, ExaGrid was the best solution for us, mainly because of the expandability of the system.”

—Roger Poore, Network Engineer

CoachComm Has Catastrophic Fire with Complete Loss – Recovers 95% of Data with ExaGrid

“[The fire] was chaos, but two to three days after, with ExaGrid being there for me, I was able to pull my data. I was even able to still make payroll that same week because we were up and running with email and all major systems. I relied on my ExaGrid system and it delivered.”

—Mike Haney, IT Manager

Community Credit Union Shortens Backup Window, Increases Retention with ExaGrid

“We have a lot of redundant data, and ExaGrid’s data deduplication technology does a fantastic job at reducing it. We’re able to keep far more data on hand and accessible for restores.”

—Linda Ryan, Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Helps Concur to Keep Pace with Backup Demands and Data Growth

“We’ve worked closely with ExaGrid on our backup infrastructure and have been extremely pleased with the product, customer support, and the company as a whole.  The folks at ExaGrid go the extra mile, and we consider them to be a trusted partner.”

—Sean Graver, Storage Architect

Connecticut Transit Drives Better Backups with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid's customer support staff is terrific. They have a wide range of expertise in the backup arena and have been both proactive in helping us with our implementation and responsive to our requests for assistance. Since installing our ExaGrid systems, we've been able to streamline our backup processes, gain faster backups and restores and eliminate tape.”

—Rich Paterson, Director of Information Services

South African BCM Services Provider, ContinuitySA, Secures Client Data Using ExaGrid

“We like that ExaGrid scales quite efficiently and that there are encrypted versions of its appliances at attractive price points. We converted from other technology to ExaGrid and we're happy with the results. We've made it our standard offering and standard go-to-market strategy.”

—Bradley Janse van Rensburg, Chief Technology Officer

Conwy & Denbighshire Trust Cures Backup Issues with ExaGrid

“We handle sensitive data and we are always mindful of data security. Using the ExaGrid system to handle our backups has improved our data security. Once the files are on the ExaGrid, they're locked into the system and the only access to it is via our backup server. With a network attached storage box, there's the possibility that the data can be hacked. With tape backups, tapes can be lost or stolen. ExaGrid gives us a higher degree of confidence in our data security.”

—Andy Stott, IT Systems Manager

Scalable ExaGrid System Supports Corris AG’s Data Growth in Diverse Backup Environment

“ExaGrid is completely scalable, which is helpful for planning. When our data grew, we decided to expand our ExaGrid system with a second appliance, which was a very simple task.”

—Martin Gruber, System Administrator

Cross Country Home Services Delivers Operational Excellence with the Implementation of ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Data Deduplication

“Today is like night and day from where we were! Our backup window is down to eight hours, and we've been able to redeploy the time we used to spend managing our tape backups to more important initiatives.”

—Chuck Matulik, Network, Systems and Telecom Manager

Scalable ExaGrid System Helps Union Meet Growing Backup Requirements

“Our data has grown tremendously in the past four years – we never could have backed it all up to tape.”

—Patricia Neal, Production Support Specialist

Dagrofa’s Switch to ExaGrid Results in Quicker Backups and a Consolidated Backup Environment

“We’ve saved so much time on backup management. With our previous solution, we were always trying to move backups around to make space for new ones, but now that we use ExaGrid, our storage capacity is not an issue…”

—Patrick Frømming, Infrastructure Architect

ExaGrid Maximizes Veeam Functionality, Keeping Petabytes of Data Manageable for Dakota County

“Now that our backups run so smoothly, we are trying more functions in Veeam. We’ve recently started to use Cloud Connect with Veeam to push our data to the cloud, which also creates a backup copy job from our ExaGrid systems. We’ve seen how well ExaGrid handles our backups, so we’re adding more backup jobs and trying out more of Veeam’s features.”

—Matt Klein, Senior Systems Administrator

DART Chooses ExaGrid for Backup, Achieves Deduplication Ratios for Oracle Exports of up to 107:1

“The greatest impact that deduplication has had is on the amount of space consumed for how much data we've backed up. For example, we're backing up 21TB of Oracle data, but it only consumes 200GB!”

—Kristopher Mendoza, Enterprise System Engineer

National Home Builder Simplifies Backups and Restores With ExaGrid Disk Backup With Deduplication

“We've been extremely impressed with the ExaGrid system and how it works seamlessly with Backup Exec.  The ability for us to keep our investment in our existing infrastructure has been huge.  It's simplified our backups and given us the reliability that we needed.”

—Peter Mier, Systems Engineer

Denver Public Library Cuts Backup Window by 84% with ExaGrid System

“EMC Data Domain came back with a quote that was just crazy – well into six figures – and way more than we could afford.  ExaGrid worked with us and got us to a point where we could get something in at a reasonable price.”

—Heath Young, UNIX Systems Administrator

Dick Smith Automotive Group Accelerates Backup Speed and Gets it in Gear with Reliable Restores Using ExaGrid

“It’s so nice to not have to worry about changing tapes, and it takes far less time to back up our data. We can back up more data than before, and I can even get a full backup of all of our virtual machines because the window is considerably smaller.”

—Nathan Elger, Systems Analyst

Disability Management Services Ensures Fast, Reliable Backups with ExaGrid

“As a smaller company, we thought that disk-based backup was out of the question because we weren’t prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. With ExaGrid, we realized that it was possible to get disk and all of its benefits for about the same cost as a new tape system.”

—Tom Wood, Network Services Manager

Dot Foods Delivers Excellence, Eases Backup Pain with ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“The time that we spend managing our backups has been cut considerably using the ExaGrid. Our tape library was cantankerous and didn't want to work half the time. When you only have a few tape drives and just one of them goes down, it really puts a crimp in things whereas backing up to disk, you can write hundreds of streams simultaneously.”

—Les Hulquist, UNIX Administrator

DTLR Chooses ExaGrid over Data Domain for Price and Scalability

“ExaGrid requires no future forklift upgrades; the scaleout architecture makes so much more sense. You don't have to buy the largest and fastest up front. In the long run, ExaGrid is cheaper with better performance, which translates into the best choice for us.”

—John Orsini, Senior Manager of Network and Security Technologies

Dycom’s Use of Veeam with ExaGrid Triples Retention, Deduplication Maximizes Backup Storage

“Veeam told us about the great partnership that they have with ExaGrid, and once we saw the deduplication numbers, we were just blown away [..] When we looked at ExaGrid’s pricing as compared to the other solutions, it was an easy decision.”

—William Santana, Systems Engineer

Dynamic Aviation Finds Tape Backups Just Won’t Fly Anymore

“We liked the idea of the ExaGrid GRID architecture and the sizable landing pad for a full, uncompressed backup set.  I also liked the post-processing deduplication.  In my view, ExaGrid’s technology, marketing, and pricing are superior.”

—Andrew Powell, IT Manager

Dynamic Marketing Streamlines Backups with ExaGrid

“We were immediately impressed with the seamless integration between Veeam and the ExaGrid system.”

—Alan Joskowicz, Information Technology Manager

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Modernizes Backup Environment for Wholesale Power Cooperative

“We are constantly receiving data from several locations across the state, and ExaGrid's data deduplication has helped us to work within our limited bandwidth.”

—James Binkley, Senior Systems Administrator

Eastern Propane and Oil Reduces Backup Window by Over 80% with ExaGrid and Veeam

“Using ExaGrid and Veeam has made my job so much easier in terms of managing backups and restores – it's definitely streamlined the process for us, and it’s very quick and easy to restore data now. The speed with which we restore data, or a virtual machine for that matter, is light-years beyond what we had before.”

—Dan Doucette, Senior System Administrator

Eby-Brown Gains Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“Before we purchased our two-site ExaGrid system, we performed a cost analysis that showed installing two ExaGrid systems would cost less over time than tape. When you consider the cost of tape, transportation and the amount of time our IT staff had devoted to managing tape and performing restores, purchasing the ExaGrid system is a no-brainer.”

—JR Morales, IT Systems Integrator

EC Electric Chooses ExaGrid-Veeam Solution for Reliable Backup and ‘Lightning-Fast’ Restores

“It’s wonderful to actually have a system that I can trust to keep running. I trust that my data is backed up and available. Thanks to ExaGrid, there’s no need for me to worry about backup anymore.””

—Jay Hollett, Systems Administrator

EDENS Upgrades Infrastructure, Chooses ExaGrid after Comparison to Dell EMC Data Domain

“One of the biggest selling points of ExaGrid is that it's purely a backup device. It doesn't try to be anything else, unlike Dell EMC appliances, which try to be everything and end up falling short. ExaGrid focuses on its one function really well and that's what has made it a good fit.”

—Robert McCown, Director of Technology Infrastructure

Eisai Makes Shift to ExaGrid, Realizes Huge Performance Gains

“When I started seeing the backups happening, I began to worry that maybe we didn't size the system correctly, but then after all the backups completed and I looked at the ExaGrid dashboard, I saw a lot of green for availability and I got worried and thought we had a problem until I realized it was done! Backups are fast, recovery is even faster.”

—Zeidan Ata, Infrastructure Manager

Enclara Pharmacia Ends “Nightmare” of Tape Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“The landing zone is the number one reason why ExaGrid is better than the other systems, and the main reason we chose it.”

—Dan Senyk, Senior Network Administrator

EwingCole Builds Better Backups With ExaGrid

“ExaGrid's customer support is excellent. Their response, overall knowledge and willingness to satisfy the customer's needs is second to none.”

—Kirk Anderson, Information Technology Manager

Scalable ExaGrid System Easily Supports Continued Data Growth for Telecommunications Provider

“When it comes to deduplication and replication, there’s no device on the market any better than ExaGrid.”

—Jamie Mouzon, Technical Services Coordinator

Firelands Regional Medical Center Simplifies Backups with ExaGrid

“The cost of the ExaGrid system was considerably less than purchasing new tape libraries and we no longer have to worry about the mechanical issues. It made perfect financial sense.”

—Mike Regan, Senior Network Analyst

Dedupe in Backup Software Fails Miserably, First National Bank of Hutchinson Turns to ExaGrid as Solution of Choice

“You never know what your data is going to look like in a few years, and I wanted a product that would allow me to easily scale; the ExaGrid provides that. It seems that ExaGrid is really on top of new technology, and the system is a very good fit for our environment.”

—Tim Miller, Senior Vice President and Manager, IT

FNCB Selects ExaGrid and Veeam for Ultimate Backup Storage Plan

““I think the first question I asked after we got ExaGrid was, ‘Why isn’t everybody doing this?’ It’s the easiest solution I have ever used in my career!”

—Walter Jurgiewicz

ExaGrid is Backup Solution of Choice for Foley, Inc.

“I highly recommend the ExaGrid system. It’s easy to use, and its deduplication technology works extremely well.”

—Dave Cracchiolo, Network Administrator

FORMA Therapeutics Chooses ExaGrid over the Competition for Fastest Possible Backups

“We looked at a few other solutions from major players in the space, and the number one reason we chose the ExaGrid system was its data deduplication capabilities. The ExaGrid backs up the data to a landing zone so that backup jobs run as quickly as possible, and we get instant access to the most recent backup without having to decompress it.”

—Paul Kelly, Director of IT

Freudenberg Medical Establishes Solid Backup Infrastructure with ExaGrid and Veeam

“Veeam and ExaGrid make backup and recovery work a joy, whereas normally, it's a drag.”

—Gabe Feindel, IT Systems Manager

Fugro Data Solutions Secures Worldwide Reputation with Scalable Backup Solution from ExaGrid that Delivers 80:1 Data Deduplication Ratio

“Perhaps the most important reason why we decided to go with ExaGrid ahead of its competition was the scalability of its system. It means we have freedom to expand at a later date without incurring major cost or upheaval. We also have the comfort of knowing that their customer support is by far the best we have experienced in the industry.”

—Niels Jensen, IT Systems Manager

Furman University Streamlines Backups and Disaster Recovery with ExaGrid

“Backup jobs that used to take five to six hours are now completed in about 90 minutes.”

—Russell Ensley, Systems Administrator

Fuss & O'Neill Engineers Better Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid is very reliable and I probably spend 90 percent less time managing and administering backups. The system has been extremely reliable and our backups are completed correctly each and every night. It really has taken a lot of the stress out of my job.”

—Stephen Cram, Computer Analyst

Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center Moves Backups Into the Future with ExaGrid

“One of the selling features of the ExaGrid system was its GRID architecture because we wanted to ensure that the system was scalable. We were able to add the two additional systems quickly and easily – it really was ‘plug and play.”

—Alan Siu, Director of IT

G&W Electric Boosts Data Restore Speed by 90% Using ExaGrid and Veeam

“The price quote for two ExaGrid systems came in $40,000 less than Dell EMC Data Domain's quote for one device! Between the customer testimonials, the great pricing, and the five-year support contract—which is absolutely amazing—I knew I wanted to go with ExaGrid.”

—Angelo Ianniccari, IT Systems Engineer

Gates Chili Learns to Streamline Backups

“The cost of the ExaGrid system was significantly less than the straight SATA solution, and ExaGrid was a great fit.”

—Phil Jay, Manager of IT Operations

Dutch Municipality Modernizes Backup Environment with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“Our weekly backups used to take the entire weekend, and often weren’t even finished on Monday, which resulted in performance problems with our systems during business hours. Since switching to ExaGrid, our weekly backup only takes about five hours. That’s a large amount of data backed up in a short amount of time!”

—Ron de Gier, System Administrator

Municipality Designs New Storage Strategy and Eliminates Tape, Chooses ExaGrid for Its Integration with Veeam

“My assigned customer support engineer has a high level of knowledge about my system and environment, so when I speak to him, he doesn't act as if I am speaking in riddles, which I have experienced with other vendors.”

—Marc de Ruiter, System Engineer

ExaGrid System Scales with College's Growing Data, Offsite System Added for DR

“I feel more secure now that we have established a DR site. I'm confident that if we had a disaster, we could recover critical machines. Knowing that Veeam would be able to back up an entire virtual machine and bring it back in a form that we could start up on another host gives me a feeling of security that I didn't have before.”

—Jim Cody, Director of User Services

Military College Chooses ExaGrid over EMC Data Domain for Scalability and Price

“EMC Data Domain was more expensive, but in our analysis, you don’t get much more for the extra cost … We chose ExaGrid because we were able to get the backup capabilities and performance we needed for a lot less money than EMC Data Domain.”

—Mick Kirkwood, Senior Server Engineer

Gifford Medical Center Easily Backs Up Data with Scalable ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“The ExaGrid-Veeam solution is reliable and very low-maintenance. The most that I need to do is quickly check the backup report each day; it’s very much a set-it-and-forget-it backup solution.

—Sheila Hopkins, Server Administrator

ExaGrid System was the “Right Choice” for Glens Falls Hospital

“The ExaGrid system is one of the easiest solutions to manage in our entire datacenter.  The interface is simple to understand, and it gives me all the information I need to monitor the system in one central location.”

—Jim Goodwin, Technical Specialist

Global Aerospace Replaces Aging Dell EMC Data Domain with Highly Scalable ExaGrid System

“Switching to ExaGrid has resulted in more reliable backups. We haven't run out of space like we had before. Backup windows are smaller — several hours shorter for our largest backup job.”

—Paul Draper, Technical Analyst

GlobalSpec Engineers Better Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“First and foremost, the best thing about the ExaGrid system is its flexibility.  It's very scalable in terms of capacity and we were also able to deploy a system offsite for disaster recovery.”

—Bar Wiegman, Vice President, Information Technology

College Gains Reliable Backup and Offsite Replication with Hyperconverged ExaGrid System

“We virtualized most of our environment and we’re using Veeam to back up our VMware, and Veritas Backup Exec to back up our remaining physical machines. They’re both totally different types of backups, so they’re like apples and oranges, but they both integrate well with ExaGrid.”

—Randy K. Swanson, Senior Systems Administrator

Easy-to-Use ExaGrid System Provides Reliable Backup Storage and DR for GICSD

“It gives me peace of mind knowing that our ExaGrid system works so well that we don't really have to keep an eye on it. It's easy to use and well-supported.”

—Josh Nichols, Network Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Disk-based Backup Gets High Marks from Greece Central School District

“Restoring a fairly large directory from the ExaGrid system takes about 90 seconds. Restoring the same directory from tape would have taken a day and a half. We've been extremely impressed with ExaGrid's restore speeds. It has made a tremendous difference in our day-to-day IT operations because we can spend more time on other duties instead of on managing backups and restores.”

—Rob Spencer, Network Engineer

Greenchoice Gains 20 Hours Per Week After Switching to ExaGrid

“Our largest backup takes three and a half hours, and that's nothing compared to what it was before. Backup is easily five to six times faster.”

—Carlo Kleinloog, System Administrator

Greenwich Central School District Hits Capacity with EMC System and Replaces with ExaGrid

“For what I was going to pay for getting one Dell or EMC device, I’ll be able to buy two of the ExaGrid systems. I’ll be able to accomplish my offsite storage as well as my local storage for the cost of what it would have been for a single Dell EqualLogic box.”

—Bill Hillebrandt, Network Analyst and Director of Information Technology

Grow Financial Replaces Data Domain with ExaGrid to Avoid Forklift Upgrade and Speed Restores

“In our business, time is money, and downtime can be calculated in losses of thousands of dollars an hour.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, we need to restore data from the most recent backup, but with the Data Domain unit, stored data had to be reconstituted, and the recovery process was long and complicated.”

—Dave Lively, Backup and Recovery Systems Administrator

GuideIT Confidently Backs Up Client Data – and Its Own – with ExaGrid

“For some of our clients, cloud-based backup is just not feasible due to the amount of data that they have stored. Cloud-based backup solutions charge by the amount of data stored, so clients would have to worry about the monthly price changing as user data grows. That’s the biggest difference about using an ExaGrid system; the appliance is paid for and owned, and it has been properly sized to accommodate the client. It can be scaled as necessary, and it's a very easy system to deploy.”

—Edmund Farias, Convergence Engineer Sr. Specialist

HCC Backs Up More Data in Half of the Time with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“We added a larger ExaGrid appliance at our primary site and moved two smaller appliances to expand on our remote site [...] Adding more appliances to our ExaGrid system was so easy to do!”

—Gary Szatkowski, IT Director

Hamilton College Chooses ExaGrid and Veeam for Backup Efficiency

“I think the biggest thing that we've noticed here is the massive time savings. There's an ever-increasing demand on our time, and being able to get back the time spent managing and monitoring backups is huge – the difference is dramatic and remarkable! Now, we have more time to invest elsewhere in moving the organization forward.”

—Jesse Thomas, Network and Systems Admin

ExaGrid and Veeam Tag Team for Backup Storage Speed and Reliability

“ExaGrid was one of those things that seems 'too easy.' You set it up in a single day and realize it was a piece of cake! ExaGrid and Veeam - they just work.”

—Brian Knight, Director of IT

ExaGrid Helps Hanover Hospital Increase Retention, Meet Increased Regulatory Requirements

“We looked closely at both products and decided to purchase the ExaGrid system.  It was the more cost-effective of the two, we liked the simple management interface, and it was the most scalable.”

—Matthew Bjonnes, Senior Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Adds Data Protection While Reducing Scottish Law Firm’s Backup Windows by 82%

“Backups are notoriously complex, and now that our ExaGrid system is up and running, we’re saving hours on admin time, so we can spend more time making improvements to our environment rather than making sure our backups are secured, which was previously quite a time-consuming job.”

—Brian Carton, IT Manager

Harrison Clinical Cuts Backup Times in Half and Increases Backup Retention with ExaGrid

“The best features of the ExaGrid system are the speed, the time savings, and all the complex things you can do without complexity.”

—Thomas Hain, Systems Administrator

HCC Life Insurance Company Speeds Backups, Reduces Reliance on Tape with ExaGrid

“I love the fact that we have a dedicated support engineer. It's so convenient to be able to contact the same person each and every time we have a question about the system or about our backup processes. We don't have to explain things over and over to new people every time we call ExaGrid support.”

—Aziz Jiwani, Systems Engineer

HS&BA Optimizes Backups with ExaGrid and Veeam, Cutting Backup Window in Half

“The tape backups seemed almost never-ending; the backup window had grown to 22 hours! Once we switched to ExaGrid, the backup window was reduced to 12 hours.”

—Miguel Taime, President

HealthEquity Replaces Straight Disk with ExaGrid for a 'Perfect Fit'

“We did the POC of the different solutions and ExaGrid came out on top as the other solutions didn't fit as well with Veeam. We had already invested in Veeam, and ExaGrid's integration with Veeam made it a perfect fit. What impacted our choice the most was the amount of throughput we could get with ExaGrid.”

—Mark Petersen, Systems Engineer

ExaGrid and Veeam Deliver Backup Storage Reliability and Speed for HealthPro Medical Billing

“I estimate that I save 75% of my time chasing backup storage issues. The length of our backup window was the big issue – we simply could not get the jobs done.”

—Ben Rodden, Systems Administrator

Heil Trailer Moves Backups to ExaGrid to Gain Faster Backups and Restores

“Because we're not relying on tape, SOX compliance is easier because we can show exactly where our data is at all times electronically, so we don't have to do as much paperwork. Also, we save a considerable amount of time because we're no longer dealing with tape. We don't have to transport tapes offsite, and our restores are incredibly fast because our data is on disk and available at a moment's notice.”

—David Duggan, Global Network Manager

Hitachi Consulting Improves Backup Capabilities with ExaGrid

“Backing up to ExaGrid instead of tape saved us thousands of dollars in license and maintenance fees. We didn't need any additional licenses or maintenance to back up to disk because the ExaGrid simply looks like any other Windows server. That was a tremendous cost savings. There are many different things we can do with the ExaGrid/NetBackup combination that we couldn't do with tape. For example, we can now easily mix retention policies and be more flexible with our data than ever before.”

—Bradford Leonard, Network Engineer

Hoffman Construction Optimizes Data Protection with Veeam Backup & Replication on ExaGrid’s Disk-Based Backup Appliance

“The integration of Veeam Backup & Replication and ExaGrid’s landing zone architecture is a winning combo for flexibility and scalability.”

—Kelly Bott, Field Technician/Technical Specialist

Hologic Upgrades to ExaGrid and Veeam for Reliable and Scalable Backup Storage

“We compared EMC Data Domain and ExaGrid, running Veeam in parallel POCs. ExaGrid just worked better. The scale-out scalability seemed almost too good to be true, but it lived up to its hype and it was awesome.”

—Mike Le, System Administrator II

Horizon Reduces Backup Window by 85% with ExaGrid / Veeam Backup Storage Solution

“I am suitably impressed with the continued engagement of ExaGrid's R&D and how they bring new Veeam features to market. It's not 'pie in the sky' with ExaGrid and Veeam; it's where the rubber meets the road, the real deal. ExaGrid just works.”

—Roger Beard, Director, Information Systems

ExaGrid Backs Up Triple the Data in a Third of the Time and Optimizes Oracle Backups

“I'm very impressed by the ExaGrid system, from concept to implementation, so I recommend that if you have a chance to use it, do it – you're going to love it!”

—David James, Team Director, Infrastructure and Systems

Canadian MSP Maximizes Backup Environment using ExaGrid, Passing Benefits onto its Customers

“ExaGrid’s deduplication results in cost savings on storage, allowing us to ‘right-size’ our pricing and pass the savings onto our customers. With the greater storage, we are also able to run more full backups, and feel more comfortable offering longer retention to customers.”

—Shawn Mears, CTO

Hunter Industries Speeds Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system is easy to manage and the user interface has a nice look and feel. Installing the ExaGrid system has made a huge impact here. Before we installed the system, I would spend as many as 15 hours per week on backups but now I only spend about an hour a week. It's been extremely liberating.”

—Jeff Winckler, Network Administrator

Huttig’s Switch to ExaGrid Results in 75% Shorter Backup Window and Reduces Storage Costs

“One of the things about ExaGrid that piqued my interest was its Landing Zone technology, especially the fact that data is stored there in an undeduplicated format, so it wouldn’t need to be rehydrated if we had to restore data. I was also impressed with its scalable architecture and the fact that our backup window wouldn’t grow, even if our data does.”

—Adrian Reed, Senior Systems Administrator

Indium Pairs ExaGrid with Veeam Backup & Replication™ for Maximum Data Protection

“I was looking for a disk-based backup solution that I didn’t have to worry about—a set-it-and-forget-it type of system.  Our partner recommended ExaGrid, and we felt that it was a good fit.”

—Gary Usyk

Credit Union Runs Out of Disk Space, Replaces Dell EMC Data Domain with ExaGrid

“One of the things I like about ExaGrid is that if I ever need to add more storage, I can just add another appliance to the system. My Data Domain systems were fully populated and starting to run out of disk space at their end of life. I was not able to expand them anymore, or add any storage.”

—Sherry Dunkin, IT Manager

Ingenico Reduces ‘Round-the-Clock Backups to a Six-Hour Backup Window with ExaGrid

“Now that we have ExaGrid, backup is a very painless exercise. It's gone from being a major task to something that we really don't think very much about.”

—Suresh Teelucksingh, Director of IT

Ingham County Achieves Faster Backups via ExaGrid’s Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“Our backups were taking us well into Monday production hours, so I knew I had to do something. We needed to speed things up, and ExaGrid fit the bill.”

—Jeff VanderSchaaf, Senior Network Engineer

Ipswich Borough Council Shortens Backup Times, Speeds File Restores with ExaGrid

“We are expanding our use of VMware and it was becoming a real challenge to put the images onto tape. With the ExaGrid system, we are receiving 61:1 compression for our VMware images and our recovery times are far better. We can recover a VMware server in about ten minutes. With tape, recovering the same VMware server would have taken half a day.”

—Howard Gaskin, IT Infrastructure Manager

Cloud Service Provider Improves RPO and RTO for Its Customers with ExaGrid

“When we were replicating data using Commvault, we were forced to choose a subset of our most critical data for replication to our DR site. With ExaGrid, we don’t have to pick and choose anything. We can replicate our entire primary site to our DR site, ensuring that all of the data that we store is protected.”

—Adam Schlosser, Infrastructure Architect

Ireland's IT Tralee Triples Backup Retention Thanks to ExaGrid’s Data Deduplication

“Switching to ExaGrid has allowed us to keep a great deal more data available to restore, and allows us to more easily manage our backup storage.”

—Chris Bradshaw, Computer Technician

ITS Fiber Uses ExaGrid-Veeam Solution for Longer Backup Retention with Enhanced Data Security

“As a service provider, it is critical to ensure security of our customers’ data. Using ExaGrid’s SEC appliances reduces the risk of ransomware.”

—James Stanley, Senior Systems Engineer

Ixilix Sees Major Improvement in Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system takes a lot of pain out of our backups. Our backup times are far better than they were with tape and we no longer have to deal with managing and administering nearly 160 tapes per month. For us, it's wonderful to have the data on hand and ready in case a customer needs to restore information. Our clients are happier because we can offer them faster access to their data and we can offer them more fl exible options to enhance their backup strategies”

—Martin McCann, Vice President, IT Operations

School District Installs ExaGrid, Easily Scales System to Accommodate Data Growth

“When we purchased the ExaGrid system, scalability was definitely a requirement for us.  We’ve already grown our ExaGrid to handle more data, and the process of adding another unit to the GRID couldn’t have been easier.  The system is easy to use and it works beautifully – and with its flexible growth path, we feel that it will serve us well for years to come.”

—David Small, Storage Engineer

Jel Sert Optimizes Backup Environment with Combination of ExaGrid and Veeam

“Our migration to Veeam from vRanger has been a slow process, but we've already noticed how well ExaGrid and Veeam work together. It makes us feel even better to have chosen ExaGrid for our backup storage and confident that Veeam and ExaGrid are the best solution for our environment.”

—Gerardo Zavala, Computer Operations Manager

John Knox Village Selects ExaGrid-Veeam for Fast Backups, Restores, and Replication

“ExaGrid provides reliable, speedy backups and that has made my job much easier. I don't need to spend as much time managing backup, especially compared with solutions I've used in the past.”

—Garon Ashby, System Administrator II

Jordan’s Furniture Chooses Veeam and ExaGrid over EMC for Faster, More Efficient Backups and Recoveries

“The combination of Veeam and ExaGrid is very powerful, it’s cost-effective, and was designed specifically for the unique challenges of backing up virtualized environments. We’ve been extremely pleased with the solution.”

—Ethan Peterson, Network Engineer

Keene State College Chooses ExaGrid as Cornerstone of Backup Strategy

“We were spending lots of time and money on our old backup solution to try to make it work, but it just didn’t have the enterprise functionality we needed.  With ExaGrid, we don’t have to worry about backups anymore, so we can spend our time on value-added projects that can really move the institution forward.”

—Michelle Wood, Director of IT

Evidence Convinces Kern County Sheriff's Office to Implement ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Data Deduplication

“We recently lost our document imaging server. Using the ExaGrid, it took just 35 minutes to do a complete restore of the data. It would have taken much longer with tape, providing none of the tapes had errors on them!”

—Steven Schaeffer, Information Specialist III

Kolcraft Simplifies Backup and Establishes Replication with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“I really appreciate the simplicity of the platform. ExaGrid has been a 'set it and forget it' appliance, which is something I look for in a backup solution. It's so easy to use, I haven't needed to spend time managing it because we've rarely run into any issues. ExaGrid [..] is definitely worth considering if someone is looking for a backup appliance.”

—Jonathan Vish

L&B Realty Advisors Gain Deduplication and Establish Offsite Replication with Scalable ExaGrid System

“We liked ExaGrid’s data deduplication feature, and realized that it could help us manage our storage capacity. We also wanted to establish a disaster recovery site, and ExaGrid’s replication makes that a straightforward process.”

—Dan LeStourgeon, Network Manager

The L&L Company Reduces Backup and Restore Times with ExaGrid

“We have 20-plus locations to deal with, multiple states and time zones, and business-critical data that we simply cannot afford to lose. We can't afford to be down, and we need to be able to restore data at a moment's notice. The ExaGrid system was the perfect choice for us.”

—Bob Ruckle, Director of IT

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Provides La Plata County Government with Optimal Backup Performance

“Restoring data from ExaGrid using Veeam is a very easy process, thanks to the integration between the two. It only takes seconds to bring a file back.”

—Brian Gretz, Systems Coordinator

Lawndale Christian Health Center Shortens Lengthy Backup Window, Tightens Disaster Recovery Capability with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid is a terrific product. We were in a terrible spot in regards to our backup times and our disaster recovery situation, but installing the ExaGrid system has solved both problems for us. We no longer have issues meeting our backup window, and we’re able to get complete backups each and every time. The ExaGrid system has done everything we wanted and more.”

—David Wang, Network Infrastructure Administrator

Lawrence General Hospital Streamlines Backups with ExaGrid

“We have a remote access portal that enables me to work on our systems from home or from anywhere else I happen to be. I'm on call a lot and can remote into the ExaGrid on nights or weekends to check on our backups or to restore a file. We couldn't do that with tape. It saves me a lot of time and aggravation and enables us to be more efficient as an IT organization.”

—Michael LeBlond, Manager of Computer Operations

Leavitt Group Replaces Unreliable NAS, Stabilizes Backups by Pairing Veeam with ExaGrid

“It was quite a process to deal with a middleman between the NAS and Veeam, which was cut out when we switched to ExaGrid. Now, it's a much simpler solution to set up.”

—Derrick Rose, IT Operations Engineer

ExaGrid Supports Lee County Tax Collector’s Evolving Backup Environment for a Decade and Beyond

“We’ve always been able to back up data to ExaGrid with any of the backup software that we’ve had available. They are all easily integrated with the ExaGrid system, which has been wonderful.

—Eddie Wilson, ITS Manager

Leith Management Cuts Backup Times in Half with ExaGrid

“We compared solutions from Data Domain and ExaGrid and ultimately chose the ExaGrid based on its lower cost and its ability to replicate data between sites.”

—Gene Barden, Senior Network and Systems Specialist

LeMaitre Vascular Virtualizes Environment, Upgrades Storage Solution to ExaGrid

“Our ExaGrid support engineer is awesome; he's very helpful and resourceful when needed. While I was on vacation, he looked at the system and noticed that there were potential failing hard drives on one of our appliances. He proactively arranged for a replacement and everything was fine.”

—Lee Ung, Senior Systems Administrator

Law Firm Virtualizes with Veeam and ExaGrid, Products 'Integrate Perfectly'

“I like using ExaGrid! I'll recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new system.”

—Mark Goodman, Network Administrator

Hospital Uses ExaGrid to Shorten Backup Window, Speed Restores

“The ExaGrid system is extremely flexible.  We can easily scale it up to increase capacity and performance.  It’s a perfect fit for our environment, and its scalability means that it will be able to serve us well for the long run.”

—John Bowyer, Senior System Analyst

Lifetime Assistance Installs ExaGrid for Fastest Possible Backups

“Any time you can put a device in place that comes with really low management overhead and proactive customer support, it’s fantastic, and that’s what you get with the ExaGrid system.  The system has given me peace of mind and confidence in my backups that I didn’t have before.”

—Abbey Simmons, Coordinator of IT

ExaGrid Alleviates Slow Restores, Long Backup Times at Logan & Company

“In our business, we need to have ironclad access to our critical information [...] For us, restoring data from tape was slow and painful, and at the end of the day, there were no guarantees that the information would be there when we needed it.”

—Jack Fuller, Network Operations Manager

ExaGrid's Integration with Veeam Provides 'Seamless' Backup for Logan Aluminum

“In our previous solutions, the products we used hardly integrated at all [… Backup] is definitely better now that we are using Veeam with ExaGrid.”

—Kenny Fyhr, Senior Technology Analyst

Loretto Pairs Veeam with ExaGrid, Removes Backup Bottlenecks

“With Veeam and ExaGrid, I can restore a virtual machine in as little as 15 minutes, or I can do an instant recovery in even less time. The whole process is a thousand times less painful than before; there is no digging through tapes to find the right one. I just pull it up, restore it, and I'm on my way.”

—Brandon Claps, IT Infrastructure Manager

Los Alamos Takes a New Approach to Backup with ExaGrid, Maximizes Backup Storage and Budget

“What had taken up to 100TB of storage on disk arrays takes only a third of the space, about 30TB, on the ExaGrid system. My budget is going to go a lot further using ExaGrid compared to straight disk, and ExaGrid's deduplication is a major factor in the cost savings.”

—Scott Parkinson, System Administrator

Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative Gets Smart about Disk-Based Backups and Deduplication with ExaGrid

“We run a very lean operation here, and it's a tremendous relief to not have to worry about backups anymore. The ExaGrid system was everything I wanted in a backup solution and more.”

—Jake LaMountain, Systems Administrator

LRGHealthcare Streamlines Backups, Improves Disaster Recovery with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system works well and has helped us solve our backup issues. Our experiences with ExaGrid's customer support has been wonderful and speaks volumes about the company. We make lots of technology purchases each year, and I have to say that we've been very happy with the ExaGrid product and our experience working with ExaGrid has been among the best.”

—Steve Patrick, Systems Engineer

ExaGrid Supports Lusitania’s Diverse Backup Environment, Increasing Data Protection

“Deduplication software can’t compare when it comes to the dedupe ratios we see with ExaGrid. ExaGrid’s claims are true: ExaGrid offers excellent deduplication while providing better backup performance than other solutions.”

—Miguel Rodelo, Senior Systems Engineer

University Avoids Forklift Upgrade by Installing Scalable ExaGrid System

“Our customer support engineer] has been great to work with and is very responsive.  I recently worked with her on decreasing the landing space on the ExaGrid system in our colocation center, and she responded right away and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

—Delroy Honeyghan, Network Administrator

Maine State Legislature Installs ExaGrid System

“Our tape backups were running approximately 20 hours a day, which left us no time to perform restores or to rerun failed backups jobs. With the ExaGrid system, we can run more backup jobs at the same time and as a result, our backups are completed in about eight hours.”

—Scott Lewis, Network Administrator

Medical Group Replicates Data for Disaster Recovery Using ExaGrid

“I love the ExaGrid system! I used to walk into the office each morning and face a long list of failed backup jobs along with hours and hours of troubleshooting. Now, our backup jobs are completed without fail, each and every night.”

—Charlene Harsch, Sr. Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Helps Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Care Center Cut Backup Times, Meet HIPAA Regulations More Efficiently

“The ExaGrid system does a great job at reducing our data so we can keep more data on site and available for restores. We don't have to do individual restores often, but as part of HIPAA, we need to set up test environments to show we can restore data. The ExaGrid system makes restores easy because the data is always available to us and we don't have to mess with tape.”

—Kevin Walker, Network Administrator

Masco Canada Ends Vendor "Cat-and-Mouse Games," Switches to ExaGrid for Data Backup

“I have enough to worry about and enough fires to fight, so I don't need my backups to be yet another thing to fix. ExaGrid just works and I don't have to babysit it.”

—Matt Wilson, Infrastructure and Support Team Lead

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution ‘Best Decision’ for IT Company’s Data Center

“What I like best about working with ExaGrid and Veeam is that they recommend each other and work closely with each other, so I know I have a solid solution approved by vendors on both sides of my backups. I’ve actually had three-way calls with my Veeam and ExaGrid support engineers who have taken me through the best practices of using the products together.”

—Nathan Smitha, Senior Network Architect

Reliable ExaGrid System Protects McVean Trading’s Diverse Backup Environment

“Restoring data from ExaGrid is very simple, especially if it’s from a recent backup because that data is already hydrated and waiting. I’ll frequently do test restores in Veeam and they run just like the rest of my virtual infrastructure. It’s hard to tell that it’s a restore from the disk performance.”

—Dean Proffer, IT Engineer

Melmark Installs ExaGrid System for ‘Flawless’ Backups, Virtualizes with Veeam

“The transmission speed between sites is fast and efficient because we only send changed data over the network. It’s so fast that we don’t even notice that the systems are synchronizing anymore.”

—Greg Dion, IT Manager

MiaSolé’s Switch to ExaGrid Improves Data Deduplication, Optimizes Database Backups

“The deduplication works great. We see a range of dedupe ratios across our data, and overall it has saved us about 40% of actual disk space! We had been getting some deduplication from Veeam before, but it is even better since we've added ExaGrid to our environment.”

—Niem Nguyen, IT Manager

Millennium Technology Group Speeds Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“Our support engineer has been responsive to our inquiries and very proactive. ExaGrid's support is a model for how all support organizations should work.”

—Lester Steele, Network Engineer

Milton CAT Refreshes Infrastructure, Replaces Dell EMC Avamar with ExaGrid and Veeam

“Most Information Technology teams who are managing backups at a mid-sized company have a lot of other things to worry about as well, like managing an infrastructure, delivering applications to end users, and driving the company forward with technology. What we really wanted was a solid target device to back up data to, and a system that allowed us to 'set it and forget it,' and ExaGrid is just that.”

—Scott Weber, Technical Services Manager

ExaGrid Wins the Case for Disk-based Backup at Mintz Levin

“Before we installed ExaGrid, we had to scour tapes to find the particular file we were looking for. Some of the restore jobs would drag on for hours, if not a whole day. With ExaGrid, we're able to get restores done in minutes. It's a much better use of our staff resources, it reflects well on the IS Department, and it's very reassuring to our end users.”

—Paul Kohan, IS Manager, Systems Group

Mississippi DFA Replaces Dell EMC Data Domain and Now Restores Data Faster with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid is reliable—we know it's running every night, and we know it’s keeping our data for the retention periods that we have set up, so we love it. It's not something we ever have to worry about. We can focus on other things knowing that the system is running tip-top.”

—Scott Owens, Systems Manager

MLSListings Gains Reliable Backup After Switch to ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“When I first started my career in IT, I had to manually check our backup jobs every morning, and sometimes it took half a day to resolve an issue. Now, I have so many tasks as a network engineer and backup is not the portion of my work that I worry about, thanks to the reliability of the ExaGrid-Veeam solution.”

—Richard Ding, Network Engineer

Mokena School District 159 Prepares for Data Growth, Chooses ExaGrid’s Purpose-Built Appliance for Backup and Data Dedupe

“Some of the software products claimed superior flexibility, but after doing some research, it became apparent that we’d still need a hardware platform capable of handling the load now and into the future. We liked the quality of ExaGrid’s hardware platform, and it was designed to be a backup appliance that could easily scale up in the future.”

—Steve Hastings, Director of Technology

Morton Plant Mease Primary Care Chooses ExaGrid System to Alleviate the Pain of Long Backups and Restores

“I really liked ExaGrid’s architecture and felt it was the best choice for our environment, but I was initially concerned that it would be more costly than some of the other solutions available.  I was pleasantly surprised when the quote came in because it was priced comparably to the other solutions that weren’t nearly as feature-rich.”

—Gary Lyons, Manager of Information Systems

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Eliminates Incomplete Backups and the Hassle of Managing Tape with Disk-based Backup and Deduplication Solution

“We'd spend hours each week refreshing tapes, moving them back and forth and getting them ready to be picked up by a third party. Restoration was also a huge problem because we had to bring tapes back on site. Not to mention the added cost of storing the tapes off site. We wanted to find a more efficient, less costly solution.”

—Gerard DeFreitas, Manager of Technical Services

Moto Speeds up Backups with ExaGrid

“With tape, we constantly had to double and triple check everything, but with ExaGrid, we no longer have to worry about our backups. We have a high degree of confi dence in the system and we know that our backups are completed each and every night. The ExaGrid system has been extremely cost-effective and has enabled us to streamline our operations.”

—Simon Austin, Systems Architect

Movius Cuts Backup Times, Increases Retention with ExaGrid

“Using the ExaGrid system, we've been able to reduce our nightly backup times from 12 hours to 4 hours, and our weekly full backups have been reduced from 48 hours to 16 hours.  The ExaGrid has taken the pain out of our backups, and our network is no longer bogged down so things run more smoothly.”

—Rupesh Nair, IT Consultant

MPR Utilizes Disk-Based Backup, Maximizes Storage with ExaGrid-Veeam Data Deduplication

“ExaGrid is a solid and reliable solution. Of all the things I manage, it's the one that I have to pay the least amount of attention to because I know that it's working properly. The automated reports help me track how much storage is being used and easily check that all jobs are running successfully.”

—Katherine Johnson, System Engineer

Transit Authority Replaces Dell EMC Data Domain with ExaGrid, Cuts Backup Window by 40%

“With Dell EMC Data Domain, I was spending more time doing daily monitoring and trying to figure out where I could save on disk space here and there. Now, I just do a quick view to make sure everything is 'in the green,' and that’s it - I’m done for the day. I save half my day NOT managing our backup storage!”

—David Gallant, IT Administrator

ExaGrid Provides Murraysmith Significant Savings on Storage with ‘Incredible’ Deduplication

“We are always tied up with a variety of projects, and using the ExaGrid-Veeam solution has taken the stress out of dealing with backup. I know I won’t need to spend all day monitoring it, which has been the case with older systems and technologies I’ve used. This solution just works, and I’m always confident that it will do what I expect it to.”

—Steve Blair, Network Administrator

Nammo Talley Slashes Backup Window by Two-Thirds with ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication

“The ExaGrid is a very flexible solution and it will serve us well into the future. We can easily add capacity if our backup demands grow.”

—Ted Green, Network Engineer

NBME Cuts Backup Window by 50% and DR Testing from Weeks to Days with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid offers reliability – reliable DR testing, reliable backups and restores, reliable customer support, all on a consistent basis.”

—David Graziani, Senior UNIX Systems Analyst

Naval Medical Logistics Command Procures Effortless Backup with ExaGrid

“As far as backing up our data, the system is pretty seamless. It simply runs according to schedule and that's what we like about ExaGrid - it's pretty much automated, which is really nice.”

—Dave Penrod, Systems Administrator

NCI Group Moves Away from Tape and Adds Data Capacity with ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“Now, with the addition of Symantec and ExaGrid's joint OST capability, we have complete visibility into both our on-site and off-site copies of backups.  In the event we need to restore from a DR copy of a backup, we can seamlessly do so without any additional catalog operations as the ExaGrid appliance has informed NetBackup of the replicated copy, thus saving us time during critical restores.”

—Mark Serres, Backup and Storage Administrator

ExaGrid and New Balance Focus on Top Performing Disk-Based Backup

“With ExaGrid support, everything is easy and straightforward. They carry a bit of responsibility along with me. I always have someone to reach out to who has knowledge of the product as well as our environment, making my job that much easier.”

—Henry Li, Server Support Analyst

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Provides New Belgium with ‘Always Available’ Data Protection

“It’s given me peace of mind to know that our data is cross-replicated to multiple sites. When we do need to restore data from one site to the other, we don’t need to wait three or four hours to restore across our WAN circuit. I now take for granted that our data is always available. Our backups are so reliable, and I feel very confident in our solution.””

—Adam Little, Senior Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Selected by New England Law | Boston for Price and Scalability

“The ExaGrid system was cost effective and more scalable than the EMC Data Domain product, which for a similar price point, limited us in total capacity and required significant labor and planning just to extend us to the next level. We also like ExaGrid’s approach to the deduplication process which focuses on backing up the data as quickly as possible, helping to meet and exceed our backup windows.”

—Derek Lofstrom, Senior Network Engineer

ExaGrid Provides Storage Savings and Enhances Data Protection for New Hampshire General Court

“Using ExaGrid has given me a sense of security, since I know our backups are available and can spin up fast. I can tell the COO with confidence that if anything ever goes down, we have the resources to restore our data and we will be able to get up and running again quickly.”

—Ray Larose, Senior Information Systems Engineer

NexBank Finds Quick, Efficient Backup with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid is wonderful! I have recommended it to more than one person [..] The support staff is responsive and courteous, thorough and efficient — and that's rare nowadays.”

—Roy Bené, VP Director of IT and CISO

NextiraOne Federal Reduces Backup Times, Improves Restores with ExaGrid

“With some of the larger vendors, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to support. That doesn't happen with ExaGrid.”

—Becky Gravett, IT Manager

Manufacturer Modernizes Backups, Improves Retention and Backup Times with ExaGrid

“Some of our backup jobs used to run beyond our backup windows, and if they were still running during the workday, our network would slow down. Backup jobs that used to run 12 hours now take about two hours. It’s made a huge difference.”

—Bill Bunch, IT Specialist

NADB Overcomes Backup Challenges with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution, Tightens DR Strategy with Automated Replication

“When we select a new technology solution to implement, it's absolutely critical that the new solution not bring with it an overhead increase. We need to be able to implement exactly like we have with ExaGrid and Veeam; they work together very well. I was able to implement it easily, and I don't have to watch over it.”

—Eduardo Macias, Deputy Director of Administration

North Attleborough Public School System Cuts Backup Window by 50%

“We liked the fact that as a company, ExaGrid has a singular focus on backup... Our customer support engineer really is an extension of our IT staff.”

—Wayne Booth, Technology Assistant

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation Powers Backup Processes with ExaGrid

“We had been backing up to disk so we thought we knew what to expect in terms of backup speed. We were pleasantly surprised when we realized that our backup times have been reduced by at least 30 percent with the ExaGrid system.”

—Steve Qualley, Sr. Systems Engineer

North Kingstown School Department Earns an "A" for Better Backups with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system gives us a great deal of flexibility. Not only can it grow in terms of capacity, but we can also add a second ExaGrid system at some point in the future to replicate data to another location and completely eliminate tape.”

—Richard Booth, Network Manager

Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District Does Its Homework on Disk-Based Backup and Data Deduplication and Chooses ExaGrid

“The best thing about upgrading to the ExaGrid is that the process just works. We set the backups and they run; there is very little work for me or my staff to do.”

—Yvonne Anderson, Supervisor of Information Systems

School System Takes Backup Window from 1.5 Hours to 7 Minutes with Veeam and ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system generates a daily report on how dedupe is doing, how much space was used in the last day, how much space is left, etc. I look at it every day, and it gives me a good picture of where I stand.”

—Colin Drombolis, Manager of Information Systems

Replacing Data Domain with ExaGrid Avoids Costly Upgrades and Cuts Backup Windows in Half

“It’s very easy to restore data from Veeam, especially since the data is often already sitting in the ExaGrid landing zone. Having data so quickly accessible is another major benefit of using ExaGrid over Data Domain.”

—Wiltz Cutrer, Network Systems Administrator

Oberg Industries Streamlines Backups, Improves Disaster Recovery with ExaGrid

“ExaGrid's support team has been extremely helpful and proactive. For example, our support engineer called one day and suggested we upgrade the firmware for all our units. He initiated the process for the upgrade and then I installed the physical units. He then came in remotely and helped us complete the installation and stayed with it until we were all sure that everything was up and running well. We were very impressed.”

—Stephen Hill, Infrastructure Manager

Switching to ExaGrid from Data Domain Results in 50% Faster Backups for Ogilvie

“Our backups take half the time now, from 16 hours with Data Domain to eight hours using ExaGrid, and it’s been nice to close the backup window a bit. Restoring files is a quick process, too, especially because data doesn’t need to be rehydrated when it’s restored from ExaGrid’s Landing Zone.”

—Brad Esopenko, System Administrator

Ohio Farm Bureau Harvests Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“The way the ExaGrid system compresses data is impressive. We are now able to retain three months of data on-site on the ExaGrid and it gives us a comfort level we didn't have with tape. And since our data is always readily available on disk, we can perform restores quickly at any time.”

—Matthew Miller, Web and Database Administrator

OMNI’s ExaGrid System Optimizes Backups Throughout Evolution of IT Environment

“The support staff at ExaGrid are backup experts so that I don't have to be.”

—Karen Haley, IT Manager

ExaGrid Improves Backup Performance and Multi-Site Replication to Further Protect Page’s Data

“Compared to our previous solution, we’re able to squeeze more out of every gig, every terabyte that we have on the ExaGrid system.”

—Zoltan Karl, IT Director

Palestine Investment Bank Backs Up Data 10x Faster After Adding ExaGrid to Environment

“There are so many backup solutions on the market that end up providing poor performance, so it has been a great experience to use such an excellent product. I highly recommend ExaGrid to any fellow IT manager!”

—Abdulrahim Hasan, IT Manager

Pareto Securities Replaces HPE StoreOnce, Maximizes Veeam’s Feature Set with ExaGrid

“It's not really possible to use [the great features in Veeam] with a traditional dedupe appliance, but with ExaGrid's landing zone we can really make use of them. Now, we can use Veeam to its full potential. We couldn't do that before.”

—Truls Klausen, System Administrator

Medical Center Gains Superior Data Security and Shorter Backup Windows with ExaGrid

“One thing that's very exciting about the particular ExaGrid appliances that we purchased are the security models. Even if the system powered down, nobody's getting to our data; they can't just grab a disk and restore some backups [..] There are so many layers of security involved with this ExaGrid that are effective, without being cumbersome.”

—Bill Mead, Network Engineer Administrator

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Extends Data Retention with ExaGrid System

The ExaGrid system is easy to use and doesn’t require as much management compared with other solutions, which makes backup administration easier.

—Rupesh Halai, Infrastructure Support Engineer

PHC Chooses ExaGrid for Its 24/7 IT Environment

“We're a 24/7 shop. The backup window was always tough for us no matter what, but now we are making it quite easily using ExaGrid.”

—Jason Bowes, Systems Administrator

ExaGrid and Veeam Streamline Penfield Central School District’s Backup and Recovery Operations

“We take advantage of Veeam’s source-side deduplication as well as deduplication on the ExaGrid. Once the deduplicated Veeam data lands on the ExaGrid system, the system deduplicates it further.”

—Mike DiLalla, Senior Network Technician

Global Engineering Firm Prefers ExaGrid Over Data Domain for Price/Performance

“The ExaGrid system provided all the functionality we needed at a better price than the EMC Data Domain system.  We also liked that we could use the ExaGrid system along with our existing backup application, CA ARCserve Backup, so our learning curve was minimized.”

—Crystal Utz, Systems Administrator

The Pestalozzi Group Updates Environment with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“We like the security features that ExaGrid provides, and its functionality with Veeam, especially that backups are only accessible from the Veeam server, so if there is a ransomware attack on a network, the ransomware can’t encrypt your backup. We were also impressed that you can run a virtual machine from a backup stored on ExaGrid’s Landing Zone in a disaster recovery situation.”

—Markus Mösch, Head of IT Infrastructure

ExaGrid System Reduces School District’s Backup Window by 63%

“The ExaGrid system fit right into the district’s infrastructure and immediately improved retention, restore times, and backup speeds.”

—John Renahan

PRI Meets Strict State Regulations with Encryption-at-Rest; Reduces Backup Window Up to 97% with ExaGrid and Veeam

“Our weekly full backup used to run from Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. all the way into Tuesday afternoon. Every Monday, users would be calling in and asking why the system was so slow. Now, our weekly full takes just three hours! We thought something was broken the first time we used ExaGrid, so we called our support engineer who confirmed that everything ran correctly. It's totally incredible!”

—Al Villani, Senior System Administrator

Plastipak Gains Faster Backups and Restores with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid really does eliminate all of the problems associated with tape, including long backup windows, difficult restore processes and the day-to-day tape management. It's a very simple, clean way to protect valuable data at a price point comparable to tape.”

—John Mayled, Manager, International IT Operations

Precision Dialogue Marketing Gains Rapid Restores, Reliable Disaster Recovery Solution with ExaGrid

“If somebody deletes a file within the last two weeks, I can restore within, literally, a minute or two.”

—Mike Fox, Director of Network Operations

Close Call with Tape Causes Prince Castle to Reevaluate Options with ExaGrid

“To be able to use older appliances with newer appliances proves how well the [ExaGrid] product was engineered from the beginning and throughout the years. They are all interchangeable – we can combine them regardless of size or age, so nothing goes to waste.”

—Cardal Price, IT Manager at Prince Castle

ExaGrid Improves Backup Performance and Enhances Data Security For Quds Bank

“We have seen significant improvement in backup performance since switching to ExaGrid. We are able to finish four backup jobs in the time it had taken one job to finish with our previous solution. ExaGrid’s Adaptive Deduplication technology is fantastic!

—Jihad Daghrah, Network and Infrastructure Supervisor

Queens’ College Implements ‘Future-Proof’ Backup Solution which Reduces Backup Windows by 73%

“We had considered purchasing another NetApp box with larger capacity, but we were impressed with ExaGrid’s scalable architecture, which is future-proof because it is so expandable.”

—Andrew Eddy, Senior Computer Officer

ExaGrid Helps Backups Flow Smoothly at Rancho California Water District

“The cost of the two-site ExaGrid system was far less than the cost of adding a shelf and drives to our SAN. We reclaimed the space on the SAN and got a better backup solution with disaster recovery capabilities for less money.”

—Dale Badore, System Administrator

Randolph Township Schools Opts for ExaGrid over Data Domain for Scalability

“When it came down to it, the ExaGrid solution was far more expandable than the EMC Data Domain system. With the EMC Data Domain unit, we worried that if we had to expand the amount of available storage, we’d need to replace the whole system.  ExaGrid’s GRID architecture will enable us to add capacity or performance by simply plugging in another unit.”

—Peter Emmel, Network Administrator

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Provides RDV Corporation with 66% Shorter Backups and ‘Phenomenal’ Restore Speed

“Our vendor suggested ExaGrid, and we were impressed with its Landing Zone feature, and the fact that it offered competitive deduplication compared with Data Domain, while also providing quick restores. ExaGrid offers the best of both worlds, in terms of providing quickly-restorable data and maximizing long-term retention storage.”

—Erik Gilreath, Senior Systems Engineer

Rio Hondo College Learns About Faster Backups, Increased Retention with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system is very well integrated with the CommVault system and they work together seamlessly. In addition, the ExaGrid customer support staff is not only knowledgeable about their own product, but they understand CommVault as well. Integration is often the most difficult part of setting up a new system, but ExaGrid's customer support knew exactly how to configure the system so that we were up and running quickly.”

—Van Vuong, Network Specialist

School District Replaces HP StoreOnce with ExaGrid for Superior Integration with Veeam

“ExaGrid's direct integration with Veeam was a major selling point for us. ExaGrid's performance with Veeam has been astounding! We love Veeam, so having a really good backup repository that works well with it is huge for us.”

—Scott Leppelman, Senior Network Engineer

RizePoint's Backup Window is 5x Shorter after Switch to ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“It was easy to get our ExaGrid system set up and working with Veeam. It's obvious that the two companies have worked together to create a great solution that works very well.”

—Jeremy Williams, IT Director

Rogers Towers Optimizes Environment with ExaGrid

“Because our deduplication rate is excellent, we’re able to back up double the amount of data that we have on our servers to the ExaGrid system. ExaGrid's deduplication is phenomenal.”

—Dennis J. Slater, Information Technology Manager

The Remedy for Backup and DR Woes at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

“When we were evaluating solutions, we wanted something that would scale as our organization and data requirements grew.  ExaGrid gives us that ability to scale in the future while continuing to leverage our current investment.”

—Christian Monette, Senior Network and Security Administrator

RPC Cuts Backup Window by 50% with ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup Solution

“A full backup within 24 hours was almost impossible with EMC Avamar, and we had constant failures. With ExaGrid, I know all of my backups are completed each night, in half the time! It's such a relief! I save at least 70% of my time on backup maintenance.”

—Michael Anderson, Systems Administrator IV

School District Chooses ExaGrid for Faster Backups, Restores, and DR

“We recently had to go in and rebuild our entire backup system, and it was relatively painless.  With tape, it would have been a nightmare, but it took no time at all with the ExaGrid system.”

—Greg Swan, Senior Network Technician

RXR Realty Advantaged by Both Local and Cloud-based Backups Using ExaGrid

“The customer service with ExaGrid support is out of this world. Whenever we’ve had an issue, it’s been quickly handled by my engineer, who is always an email or phone call away.”

—Matt Haydon, Senior Network Administrator

SAIF Maximizes Storage Capacity with ‘Incredible’ Deduplication Using ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“Our data has exploded since we first installed our ExaGrid systems a few years ago, but thanks to ExaGrid our backup window has been able to stay the same.”

—Dan Sproule, Infrastructure Engineereer

Saint Michael's College Selects ExaGrid and Veeam for Reliable Backup Storage / Cost Savings

“We now have tighter integration, more reliable backups – and save a ton on consulting costs. It all ties back to ExaGrid, because without ExaGrid and their support, I don't think we'd be nearly as successful as we are.”

—Shawn Umansky, Network Engineer

Saker ShopRite's Inc. Bags Incomplete Backups and the Hassles of Tape by Implementing ExaGrid's Disk-based Backup and Deduplication Solution

“With the ExaGrid system, we are now able to complete our backups well within our windows each and every day. We're no longer stressed about getting our backups completed before the start of the work day and we're meeting our goals with ease.”

—James Connolly, Vice President, Information Technology

Salvation Army Improves Backup Times and Eliminates Tape with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid really has taken a lot of the pain out of our backups. Our backups and restores are faster and more efficient, and we don’t have to manage tape anymore. It’s been a great solution for us.”

—Michael Levine, Technology Research & Assessment Manager

Sarah Lawrence College Moves Backups Off Campus with ExaGrid and Gains Faster Backups

“We can easily scale the ExaGrid system to back up more data in the future. Looking forward, we can also add a second system to replicate data and to further reduce our reliance on tape.”

—Sean Jameson, Director of Information Technology

Reliability Is #1 for IT Team at Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department

“The system does what it’s supposed to do. I’ll be honest, there are times that I don’t even look at the portal unless I receive a failure notification – that’s how confident I am in its reliability. And in IT, the number one thing that you want in any product is to know what you’re using works.”

—Felipe Cortes, Senior Systems Analyst

Savers Saves Time and Money with ExaGrid

“We've been very impressed with ExaGrid's simplicity. We have a fairly lean IT staff here and don't have a whole lot of extra time to take care of high maintenance devices. The ExaGrid was very easy to set up and it's easy to administer.”

—Charles Blair, Senior Systems Administrator

SeaBright Ensures Better Backups with ExaGrid

“With the ExaGrid, we can add storage on the fly and the system will automatically load balance the data across multiple disks. And because we can add capacity in small increments, it's cost-effective because we only need to purchase enough disk to meet our needs.”

—Jeff Wilkinson, Sr. Network Engineer

'Absolutely Amazing' ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Quadruples Security Central's Data Retention

“When we checked the reports from our ExaGrid system, we were astonished that the backup took up hardly any space at all, so we started backing up our entire infrastructure, and thanks to data deduplication, we're using just 40% of capacity. It's absolutely amazing!”

—Art Piwcio, Director of Infrastructure and Development

SEMCO Energy's Move to Disk Backup With Deduplication Results in Dramatically Faster, More Efficient Backups

“Our IT department's backup administration work has dropped about 90 percent since we started using ExaGrid. The whole tape management process has been eliminated. Now all those hours we'd spend on handling tape can be spent on other important IT initiatives.”

—Lary O'Connor, System Administrator LAN/WAN

ExaGrid Fuels Faster, More Efficient Backups for Seneca Companies

“The ExaGrid has cut our annual backup costs by several thousands of dollars just on tape purchases and travel expenses alone.  While tape systems do seem to cost less up front, we’ve gained savings on the management and disaster recovery sides with the ExaGrid system.”

—Kevin Taber, Network and Systems Administrator

SIGMA Marketing Group Dramatically Improves Backup Speed, Responds Quickly to Data Loss with ExaGrid

“We’re seeing tremendous dedupe ratios. What would have taken a hundred tapes now just takes a fraction of the available disk space on our ExaGrid system. We can go back through a month of data – over 100TB – if we need to right on the ExaGrid. It really is unheard of.”

—Rob Spencer, Systems Administrator

Architecture Firm Chooses Veeam and ExaGrid, Reduces Backup Window from 108 to 36 Hours

“Veeam was the clear choice for our virtual environment. We loved Veeam’s ease of use and easy restores, and the fact that it works so seamlessly with the ExaGrid system.”

—Pat Stammer, Systems Administrator

Sommer Improves Regulatory Compliance with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system has really reduced the amount of time our backups take and it delivers extremely fast tape copy performance. Cloning our backups to tape takes no time whatsoever.”

—Michael Muller, Systems Administrator

‘Smart’ ExaGrid System Optimizes Veeam Backups, Providing ‘Remarkable Throughput’ for South Shore Neurologic Associates

“One of my favorite features of the ExaGrid system is how it handles deduplication. Veeam backs up the data and it goes right to the ExaGrid system, and once the backup is finished, it doesn’t sit there like a dumb NAS box, but starts deduplication at that point so it doesn’t slow down the whole process. The ExaGrid system is smart, and it can sense how busy the system is so that it starts deduplication and replication to a satellite office at an optimized time, without interrupting our other operations.”

—Troy Norr, Chief Information Officer

Southeastern Container Reduces Backup Window, Increases Capacity and Retention by Deploying ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

“After installing the ExaGrid, I have confidence in our backups that I didn't have previously.”

—Merel Johnson, Network Administrator

ExaGrid Dedupe Provides SpawGlass with Significant Storage Savings without Sacrificing Performance

“ExaGrid’s Landing Zone technology is a great feature because it allows you to leverage dedupe, but not take the performance hit when you have to do a restore.”

—Keefe Andrews, IT Infrastructure Manager

ExaGrid Furnishes Fast Backups and Restores for Spectrum Industries

We have been extremely pleased with the speed of our backups using ExaGrid. We're able to back up all of our data onto disk and it's seamless. Our backups are now streamlined and painless, and restores are nearly instantaneous. With ExaGrid, we know that backups are completed each night, we have room for future growth, and we have a disaster recovery scenario. It gives us a nice comfort level.

—John Hancock, CIO

Springfield Clinic Chooses ExaGrid to Keep Pace with Growing Data Volumes and Retention Requirements

As a healthcare provider, we need to have access to a significant amount of retention to adhere to HIPAA regulations ... Because of ExaGrid’s strong data deduplication technology ... we’re seeing data deduplication ratios as high as 40:1.

—Kevin Jordan, Systems Administrator

St. John’s Riverside Healthcare Chooses ExaGrid over Competition for Price, Performance and Ease of Use

The ExaGrid was significantly less expensive than the other system we were considering, and we felt that ExaGrid’s post-process data deduplication technology would provide faster backups versus the competitor’s inline data deduplication approach.  We didn’t want a situation where the backup software was waiting on the appliance.  We’ve been very happy with both ExaGrid’s data deduplication and its backup speed.

—Niall Pariag, Senior Network Administrator

Hospital Hits Capacity with Data Domain, Opts for ExaGrid to Ensure Future Scalability

“I was really put off by EMC when they told me I had to buy all new gear, and our Data Domain system wasn't even that old. If I bought a new Data Domain, after I ported everything over, I would have had to just throw the old one away. For what we needed, the cost for a whole new Data Domain system was literally immense.”

—Jim Gessman, Systems Administrator

St. Mary’s Health Center Cures Backup Issues with ExaGrid

“The ExaGrid system gave us a better return on investment than all of the other solutions we looked at. We had estimated that the ExaGrid would pay for itself within a year but it will probably be less than a year because it is performing even better than we anticipated.”

—Sherrill Hackett, Lead Technical Analyst

ExaGrid’s Evergreen Architecture Provides Investment Protection for STAR Financial Bank

“A key benefit of ExaGrid’s architecture for us revolves around storage expansion. With other systems, you’re simply adding a disk enclosure and sharing the compute resources collectively. With ExaGrid, each enclosure contains its own processing power, so performance remains constant.”

—Cory Weaver, Lead Systems Engineer

State College of Florida Virtualizes Infrastructure, Turns to ExaGrid to Shorten Backup Window

The previous network administrator said that he spent 75% of his time doing backups. Now, thanks to the ExaGrid, I spend just a few minutes a day.  Having the ExaGrid system in place enables me to focus on other important parts of my job.

—Jackie Hemmerich, Network Administrator

The Evidence for Disk-based Backup Points Straight to ExaGrid at Stradley Ronon

“ExaGrid provides a great return on investment, and the system works as advertised. With ExaGrid, we no longer have the ongoing costs associated with tape, our backups and restores are much faster, and our administrator can spend his time focusing on issues other than backups.”

—Jamie Gianna, Director of IT

Stribling Selects ExaGrid and Veeam, Reduces Backup Window by 84%

“ExaGrid blows my mind with how easy it is to deal with support. How quickly they help us out and the fact that they can take charge and solve a problem remotely is amazing! ExaGrid stands for reliability and ease of support. Actually, I would recommend ExaGrid solely based on the support [..] We'll never deal with Dell again if we don't have to.”

—Jack White, Network Administrator

Suffolk Federal Credit Union Reduces Expenses, Long Backup Times with ExaGrid

Installing the ExaGrid was unbelievably simple. I just mounted the unit in the rack and went through the setup in about twenty minutes. ExaGrid's customer support engineer then remoted in and walked me through everything.  It couldn't have been easier.

—Brian Downs, Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Earns High Marks at SUNY Cortland

When we had a drive fail, it was as easy as a replacement being delivered to my desk.  I simply swapped the faulty drive with the new one and shipped the faulty one back to ExaGrid with no interruption in our backups.

—Jim Durr, Systems Administrator

Synergy Data Systems Replaces Data Domain with ExaGrid, Shortens Backup Window by 70%

With our old Data Domain unit, we needed to do a ‘forklift upgrade’ to improve retention.  Now, with the ExaGrid system, we can easily add retention by plugging another unit into the GRID.

—Elliot Bailey, Senior System Administrator

ExaGrid and Veeam Fleet Keep Backup Storage Strong and Steady at TAL International

“My ExaGrid engineer is very attentive and helpful! He can fix something on the fly or send me the steps to do it – we just get it done. This gives me confidence and allows me to focus on other things.”

—Larry Jones, Senior Systems Engineer

ExaGrid Delivers Seamless Five-Star Backup Solution for TECO Westinghouse

“The initial setup was very easy. Since the ExaGrid system 'just works,' we rarely need to troubleshoot. If we ever have a question, our assigned engineer is readily available. ExaGrid is an awesome solution. I'd give it five stars!”

—Joni Wadle, Network Administrator

TenCate Avoids Data Domain Forklift Upgrade by Opting for an ExaGrid System

I learned about forklift upgrades and how much it was going to cost me. I couldn’t believe it.  We’re trying to use our budget intelligently, and that’s not intelligent to me.  I turned to my reseller because I trust him, and he told me that they’re no longer recommending Data Domain and that I should look at ExaGrid.

—Jayme Williams, Sr. Systems Engineer

ExaGrid-Veeam Solution a Natural Fit in Teradici's Hybrid Environment

“ExaGrid has taken all of the maintenance overhead off of my team, so I save on staff time and don't need to assign someone to manage it.”

—Dustin Krysak, Manager, Systems and Infrastructure

The Energy Authority Avoids ‘Rip and Replace’ by Installing ExaGrid System

We looked at several different solutions, and the ExaGrid system was the clear price/performance winner. We also were impressed with its scalability and the way we could grow the system over time without the need to do a complete replacement.

—Scott Follick, IT Manager, Service Delivery and Support

'Zero-Touch' ExaGrid-Veeam Solution Reduces VM Backups by 95%

“There's been much less technician involvement since we've introduced ExaGrid. It's zero touch from an administrator's perspective. I'm most impressed with how easy it is to set the system up, and how well it integrates with backup products, such as Veeam.”

—Chris Lakey, Infrastructure Manager

The Gray Insurance Company’s Switch to ExaGrid Increases Data Security and Saves on Staff Time

“The combined solution of ExaGrid and Veeam has been a lifesaver and now our backups are running without any issues.”

—Brian O’Neil, Network Engineer

The Old Globe Theatre Replaces Straight Disk with ExaGrid

Having the ExaGrid system in place probably dropped my interaction with backups by 70 to 80 percent.

—Dean Yager, IT Manager

ExaGrid Helps The SIGMA Group Deliver On SLAs for Backup Services

“Our backup services include performance commitments on restorations and ExaGrid’s Landing Zone allows us to keep the freshest data in a non-deduplicated format to guarantee optimal restoration performance.”

—Mickaël Collet, Cloud Architect

Thomas Langley Medical Center Cures Backup Problems with ExaGrid's Disk Backup with Deduplication Solution

The ability to reduce the amount of data stored is probably one of the most valuable benefits of the ExaGrid solution.  We have a tremendous amount of redundant data here and ExaGrid's data deduplication probably cuts the total amount of data down to a third.

—Mark Steingart, IT Director

Thompson Rivers University Gives High Marks to ExaGrid's Disk-Based Backup with Deduplication System

Using the ExaGrid, we know for sure that we're going to be able to restore data, and I feel very good about that.

—Rory Read, Senior IT Analyst

TissueTech Adds ExaGrid as a Backup Target for Veeam, Automates Offsite Replication for DR

“One of the best things about ExaGrid is its simplicity. It's been straightforward to use since installation and it just works. We didn't have to do any fancy configurations in Veeam, which instantly identified ExaGrid as a repository. We haven't had to do any guesswork and everything has been very intuitive.”

—Victor Elvir, Systems Administrator

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library Is Tape-Free with ExaGrid System

Before I even leave for work in the morning, I check my smartphone to make sure that the backup jobs ran correctly overnight.  When I arrive at work, I don’t have to change tapes or troubleshoot backup jobs.  Installing the ExaGrid has given me hours back in my workday.

—Dave Misko, Network Engineer Supervisor

Township High School District 113 Opts for Scalability, Selects ExaGrid over Data Domain

Scalability was a factor we looked very closely at. When we compared the ExaGrid and Data Domain systems, we felt that the ExaGrid was more scalable because we can easily expand the system to add both capacity and performance without a forklift upgrade.

—Ronald Kasbohm, Director of Technology

Toyota de Puerto Rico Reduces Backup Window by 82% - from 44 to 8 Hours

“Mondays are very beautiful here now!”

—Jose Sola, IT Manager

Appliance Retailer Eliminates Data Protection Pains With Disk Backup With Data Deduplication

We looked at a couple of other solutions but ultimately found that the ExaGrid solution offered us the most cost-effective and easy to use solution. And because we didn't have to change our existing backup infrastructure with our backup application, it made the decision a no-brainer for us.

—Boris Hutorin, Director of Information Technology

Travcorp Modernizes Backup and Backup Storage with Veeam and ExaGrid

“ExaGrid is a very good product. Reliability means the most to our IT team, and the system always does its job!”

—Warren Kelly, Senior System Engineer

Premier Law Firm Trenam Kemker Gains Cost Savings and Better Backup Times with ExaGrid

Our backups are now running well within our backup window, we have a higher level of data security and we’ve saved a considerable amount of time and money that we used to spend on tape.

—Lori Jones, IT Manager

Veeam and ExaGrid Cut Backup Time in Half for Trustpower

“Veeam and ExaGrid are the core of our backup and replication strategy.”

—Gavin Sanders, ISP Systems Engineer

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Installs ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup

“[Installing ExaGrid] was very simple - there was nothing to it.”

—Tony Daneshvaziri, IT Specialist

U.S. District Court Virtualizes, Replaces Tape with ExaGrid

“We consulted with several other courts and discovered that many of them were using ExaGrid, so we decided to take a closer look and installed it based on the strong recommendations we received.”

—PJ Isbell, Programmer Analyst

ExaGrid Helps U.S. Federal Government Agencies Reduce Backup Windows, Improve Data Protection

We couldn't be more satisfied with ExaGrid. Data restores from the ExaGrid take mere seconds to complete compared to the many minutes or hours we required before to restore data from our tape backups ... and their customer support is some of the best I've ever experienced.

—Dana McCutcheon, IT Specialist

Legal Services Firm Reduces Backup Times by 84% with ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover

“Our backup times are so much faster using Veeam with the ExaGrid system... We back up and protect a tremendous amount of data using Veeam and ExaGrid, and the solution has more than exceeded our expectations.”

—Ryan McClain, Systems Architect

UCLA Faces Forklift Upgrade, Looks Beyond Data Domain and Installs ExaGrid

We simply couldn’t justify the cost of a new EMC Data Domain unit.  In fact, the cost of the two-site ExaGrid unit was approximately what we would have paid for three years of maintenance on a new EMC Data Domain system.

—Jeff Barnes, Senior Development Engineer

UNAM Increases Backup Reliability and Capacity Tenfold Using ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“The services we provide are critical for the organization. There is more security in the processes we make daily, now that we have a system in place that would allow us to recover and reestablish the services, no matter what kind of issue we may face.”

—Fabian Romo, Director of Institutional Systems and Services and General Directorate for Computing, Information and Communication Technologies

Unistress Relies on ExaGrid's Deduplication with Veeam for Maximized Data Storage

“I'm blown away by how much deduplication we are getting with the ExaGrid system. We are actively storing 166TB in a space of 21TB. It's crazy that that even works. If hadn't seen it in the reports, I wouldn't believe it. It's just ridiculous; that's 8:1!”

—David Serafini, IT Manager

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York Relies on ExaGrid to Protect and Serve Their Data

“For me it’s about peace of mind, knowing that your data is there in case of any unforeseen issues or disasters. Our data is backed up every night, and it’s been very easy for me as I don’t have to administer the system on a daily basis.”

—Mark Sanders, Network Engineer

UH Bristol Keeps CAPEX Spend Predictable, Applies Cost Savings to Patient Care

“As a public organisation, we had to go out to tender so we looked at a variety of different solutions, but ExaGrid was the one that provided the best fit for our specification for deep integration with Veeam software whilst providing best value for the money. ExaGrid has been brilliant to work with from pre-sale to post-sale, and we feel very well supported.”

—Dave Oatway, Computer Services Manager

Medical School Chooses ExaGrid Over Other Backup-to-Disk Options

I would highly recommend the ExaGrid system because it’s easy to use, rock-solid, and it’s backed by world-class customer support.  After using ExaGrid for one year now, this company can be differentiated by its customer support alone. When you put the technology and the support together, you get an unbeatable combination.

—Eric Warner, Assistant Director of Medical Computing

The University of New Hampshire Relies on ExaGrid to Maintain Backup Storage Grades

“As our primary backup repository, ExaGrid continues to be simple and easy to manage after all these years. The ExaGrid system allows me to pay attention to other things, and the fact that it's quiet is very important to me in my role.”

—Robert Rader, Storage and Backup Administrator

University Saves Time, Increases Disaster Protection and Gains Scalability by Dumping Tape

We looked at Data Domain first, and got some quotes from them. We had total sticker shock when the quote came back. It was not even a remote possibility that we were going to spend that kind of money. We looked at Symantec’s NetBackup appliances and brought them both in for testing. In the end, we decided to go with ExaGrid largely because of the lower pricing and the need to support backups using Oracle RMAN.

—Seth Bokelman, Senior Systems Administrator

University System of GA SSC Better Protected Against Data Loss with ExaGrid

If we ever have to recover from a disaster or breakdown, our biggest weapon against failure is the ExaGrid system.

—Joshua Humphrey, System Administrator

Insurer Takes the Risk Out of Backups with ExaGrid

We researched a couple of other backup solutions, but the issue we had with every single one of them was the amount of preprocess work that needed to be done before the data hit the disk.  In each case, backup speed was a major concern for us.  With the ExaGrid system […] the proof is there -- our backups are significantly faster than they were before.

—Josh Jarvis, Chief Technology Officer

Vermont Electric Power Company Plugs in ExaGrid, Improves Backups and Restores

ExaGrid's data deduplication technology enables us to store a lot of data in a small footprint.  Without deduplication, the costs would be astronomical.

—Kevin Fredette, Network Administrator

VSAC Shortens Backup Window, Saves Time with ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup

“The hardest part of the installation was getting the appliance out of the box. It could not have been easier.”

—Brian Blow, Network Systems Administrator

ExaGrid Makes the Grade at Victor Central School District

We have a high degree of confidence in the ExaGrid system and we know that our data is properly protected and ready to restore at any time. Restores take virtually no time at all.

—Dave Henderson, Director of Computer Services

Municipality Restructures Backup Environment with ExaGrid-Veeam, Cuts Backup Window by 40%

“It had been difficult to keep our backups organized when they were all over the place. Now that they have all been moved to our ExaGrid system, we can clearly see how much space each share is taking up and how much deduplication is achieved. Using ExaGrid has provided huge value in understanding what we have and has simplified how we manage our data.”

—Ethan Hussong, IT Systems Engineer

Law Firm Selects Cost-Effective ExaGrid System for Faster Backups, Better Disaster Recovery

Sending tapes offsite really isn’t disaster recovery. We needed a solution in place capable of providing near instantaneous replication of data to a second site so that we could quickly and easily recover from a disaster.

—Scott Timmerman, Senior IT Manager

VW Credit, Inc. Drives Better Backups with ExaGrid

“We tested solutions from both ExaGrid and Data Domain side by side and chose the ExaGrid based on its post-process approach to data deduplication and its overall simplicity. The ExaGrid also had the best price/performance.”

—Dean Bolton, Network Systems Engineer

Wayne ARC Achieves Simplicity, Flexibility, and Reliability with ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup

I used to have employees who were stuck managing services and backups every day. Now I have them back on more useful projects. It also means that I have the security of knowing that I have all the data I need if something was to happen here.

—Stephen Burke, IT Coordinator

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Gives ExaGrid High Grades for Fast Backups and Restores

We preferred ExaGrid's approach to data deduplication over Data Domain’s. ExaGrid's post-process data deduplication ensures that our backups run as quickly as possible because the data is deduplicated after it hits the landing zone. Our backups are incredibly fast, and they run flawlessly each and every night.

—Dennis Bradley, Network Analyst

ExaGrid and Veeam Combination Delivers Seamless Backup Solution for Library System

We learned the hard way how critical it really is to properly back up our virtual environment.  We’re extremely confident in our ability to restore data now, thanks to the combination of Veeam and ExaGrid.

—Scott D. Jones, Technology Director

Webster Central School District Adds up Cost Savings with ExaGrid Disk-Based Backups

“The ExaGrid system offered a terrific total cost of ownership because we were able to significantly cut our reliance on tape and our management costs were reduced to almost nothing.”

—Quentin Spiegel, Senior Network Technician

WeiserMazars Counts on ExaGrid for Faster, More Efficient Backups

One of the things we like about the ExaGrid system is its scalability. We have some mergers on the horizon, so we don’t have a firm grasp on our long-range data growth. The fact that we can easily expand the system made us much more comfortable about the purchase.

—Egan Richards, Assistant Director of IT

Westmoreland County Reduces Backup and Restore Times, Reduces Reliance on Tape with ExaGrid

The ExaGrid saves us a tremendous amount of time each day because we no longer have to manage or administer tapes or troubleshoot our backups. Our staff time is valuable and the ExaGrid system has made us more productive.

—Jason Lehman, Systems Administrator

Williamson Medical Replaces EMC Data Domain with ExaGrid for Speed and Reliability

“When I had to do a restore of an 8GB database that was compressed down in the EMC Data Domain system, it took approximately 12 to 13 hours to complete – and took our SharePoint site offline for almost a full day. We consistently had these types of issues.”

—Sam Marsh, Engineering Team Lead

WORK Inc. Gains Faster Backups and Restores, Improves Disaster Recovery with ExaGrid

The ExaGrid system is the perfect backup solution. It gave us everything we needed in one package, including data deduplication and the ability to replicate data offsite. It's extremely efficient at backing up and restoring data and it's very hands-off in terms of management and administration.

—Jeremy Busey, IT Manager

WSIPC Selects ExaGrid over Data Domain for Data Deduplication and Scalability

We looked closely at solutions from both ExaGrid and Data Domain and found that we liked ExaGrid’s post-process data deduplication better than Data Domain’s inline method…The ExaGrid system was also more cost-effective and scalable than the Data Domain unit.

—Ray Steele, Senior Systems Engineer

YCCD Selects ExaGrid Over Data Domain for Faster Backups in Virtualized Environment

We looked at an EMC Data Domain solution but didn’t like its inline data deduplication methodology.  The ExaGrid system seemed so straightforward to use and its post-process data deduplication made more sense.

—Patrick Meleski, Database Administrator

YWCA Broadens Data Protection by Expanding Backups with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“As a nonprofit, we often have to make do with what we have, so in the past we had to prioritize backing up our critical servers due to space constraints. Now that we’ve added ExaGrid to our environment, deduplication has maximized our storage capacity, and we’re able to back up almost all of our servers, beyond just the critical ones.”

—Oliver Hansen, IT Director

zorggroep Maas & Waal Improves Backup Performance with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

“We’ve even been able to run a VM from ExaGrid’s Landing Zone when we found corrupted databases in SQL. This prevented any interruptions from the workday while we got the SQL servers running again, and it only took a few minutes.”

—Eric Ten Thije, ICT system engineer

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